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iba khatun
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Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics
Interested Class:
Class VII, Class VIII, Class IX, Class X, SSC
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Exam Title Major Institute Name Result Passing Year
shajalal university of science and technology
ssc science chakrajapur high school, rajshahi 4.75 2009
Hsc science bheramara degree college, kushtia 4.70 2011
MSc mathmatices forestry and environmental sciences 3.93 2017

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I am iba khatun. Tuition wanted in Rampura area. I have good knowledge in Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics. I want to teach Class VII, Class VIII, Class IX, Class X, SSC. My expected salary is >4000. If you interested please contact me as soon as possible.
I have completed my ssc from chakrajapur high school, rajshahi with result 4.75 in 2009 from science background. I have completed my Hsc from bheramara degree college, kushtia with result 4.70 in 2011 from science background. I have completed my MSc from forestry and environmental sciences with result 3.93 in 2017 from mathmatices background.

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