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Published on 22-Aug-2022

About Immigration and Immigration Laws

Immigration laws regulate the entry, residence, transit, exit and detention of third-country nationals, as well as the procedure to follow when a third-country citizen violates any rule of the mother country. When asked about the kinds of immigration, it is the question of the types of immigration statutes.

In general, we see there are four types of immigration statutes: citizens, residents, non-immigrants and undocumented immigrants. The term immigration can include citizenship, study visa, tourist visa, work permit, etc.

Bangladesh does issue an easy procedure for immigrations foreigners. Among the various statutes in Bangladesh regarding immigration, the two significant statutes to be followed are The Bangladesh citizenship (Temporary) Order, 1972 and the Bangladesh Citizenship (Temporary) Riles, 1978. A person living in Bangladesh for four years during the last seven years can apply for citizenship in Bangladesh. The application fees for the various visas in Bangladesh are also relatively moderate. There are some countries where Bangladesh offers visas on arrival. To know more about immigration from Bangladesh, one must visit the website dealing with visas and immigration.

In different countries, the immigration process and rules may vary. In Bangladesh, we can find the embassy of Canada, the USA, the UK and many other countries to apply for the visa. The fascinating fact about Canada is that they invite the most eligible ones to apply for permanent residency in their country every two weeks. Citizens of Bangladesh trying to settle abroad should have an open eye to applying for Canada. Canada is one of the most welcoming countries for giving residency permission and the vast categories of immigration offered by them.

Suppose we talk about the USA. It's comparably difficult than Canada to get immigration there. They are quite strict with the people applying for immigration to their country and follow the established rules. Funnily, being a US citizen's spouse is the quickest way to get USA citizenship. However, a student visa in the USA is not so difficult to obtain for a student fulfilling all the requirements. The F1 visa for the student is valid for five years. Moreover, the students who want to work in the USA after finishing their studies may need to apply for the proper visa to get permission to work after graduation.

Now coming to the UK, there is more student visa every year as they have many universities offering quality education. After finishing their studies, international students in the UK can get a post-work permit visa for the next two years of their graduation, and they may increase the time with a reasonable explanation and with their work dedication. On the other hand, getting permanent residence permission in the UK is usually lengthy and tiring.

To immigrate to another nation, one must know the exact method and take help from the authorized consultancy who can provide all types of information with the pros and cons. In today's world, one must have a command of English to get into another nation to pass the required language test with an excellent grade to stay first in the line. Immigration to another country, to some extent, depends on the qualification of individuals and a lot in knowing the process, including what type of visa will be best for them. So, knowing the process and immigration statutes of that particular country can make the task a lot easier than it seems.

Immigration course

Immigration course is offered to students interested in reading about immigration and getting a carrier in it. The course can be avail online or offline. It enables the students to know about immigration, no-immigrants, laws regarding it and the whole process so that later on, they can join the immigration consultancy and use the knowledge for their own purpose. In Canada, especially, they offer the IRCC course of immigration which takes 12 months to complete. The people interested in Bangladesh can take some of the online based immigration courses.


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