Difference Between HTML and CSS

Published on 06-May-2023





HTML is a markup language used for creating the structure and content of web pages.

CSS is a style sheet language used for controlling the presentation and layout of web pages.


HTML uses tags to mark up content, which are enclosed in angle brackets.

CSS uses selectors and declarations to target specific elements and apply styles.


HTML focuses on the content and structure of web pages, including text, images, and multimedia.

CSS focuses on the appearance and layout of web pages, including colors, fonts, and spacing.


HTML defines the structure of web pages, including headings, paragraphs, and lists.

CSS defines the layout of web pages, including positioning, margins, and padding.


HTML is compatible with all major web browsers and platforms.

CSS is compatible with all major web browsers and platforms, but older browsers may not support all features.

Separation of Concerns

HTML separates content and structure from presentation and layout.

CSS separates presentation and layout from content and structure.


HTML does not have inheritance capabilities.

CSS uses inheritance to apply styles to child elements based on the styles of parent elements.


HTML does not have media-specific styles.

CSS allows for media-specific styles based on the device or screen size.


HTML can be extended using scripts, plugins, and other technologies.

CSS can be extended using preprocessors and frameworks.


HTML is relatively simple and easy to learn.

CSS is more complex than HTML and may require more experience and expertise to use effectively.


HTML is essential for creating web pages and web applications.

CSS is essential for creating visually appealing and user-friendly web pages and web applications.


HTML can be used to create interactive elements such as forms and buttons.

CSS can be used to add interactivity to web pages through hover effects and animations.


HTML includes accessibility features such as alt text for images and semantic markup.

CSS can be used to improve accessibility through high-contrast styles and larger font sizes.


HTML is easier to maintain than CSS, as changes to the structure and content of a web page may require changes to the CSS.

CSS can be more difficult to maintain than HTML, as changes to the styles may require changes to the HTML.


HTML has a minimal impact on page load time and performance.

CSS can impact page load time and performance if it is overly complex or uses inefficient selectors.

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