Difference Between Formal and Informal Writing

Published on 07-May-2023


Formal Writing

Informal Writing

Tone Impersonal, serious Personal, casual
Vocabulary Technical, formal Everyday, colloquial
Sentence structure Complex, varied Simple, repetitive
Use of contractions Avoided Commonly used
Abbreviations Rarely used Commonly used
Punctuation Formal, proper Informal, relaxed
Addressing the reader Avoided Directly addressed
Use of slang Avoided Commonly used
Use of jargon Acceptable if necessary Avoided or limited
Use of first person Avoided or limited Commonly used
Use of second person Avoided or limited Commonly used
Use of third person Commonly used Limited or avoided
Use of personal pronouns Limited Commonly used
Length of sentences Longer Shorter
Length of paragraphs Longer Shorter
Purpose Informational or persuasive Conversational or personal
Audience Formal or professional Familiar or informal
Use of humor Rarely used Commonly used
Use of rhetorical questions Acceptable if necessary Commonly used
Use of contractions in writing Avoided Commonly used

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