Difference Between Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup

Published on 07-May-2023


Cloud Storage

Cloud Backup

Data Protection Generally not guaranteed High level of protection
Purpose Access and share files Protect data from loss
Data Versioning May or may not be available Usually supported
Recovery Point Objective Not applicable High (RPO of minutes to hours)
Recovery Time Objective Not applicable High (RTO of hours to days)
Backup Schedule Not applicable Scheduled and automated
Data Encryption Optional and not automatic Automatic and mandatory
File Syncing Automatic and real-time Not applicable
Cost Usually based on storage Based on storage and backup frequency
Accessibility Available on multiple devices Usually not accessible from all devices
Retention Policy Usually not defined Defined and enforced
Disaster Recovery Not applicable Key component of strategy
Recovery Testing Not applicable Regularly performed
Data Center Locations Multiple locations offered Multiple locations offered
Service Level Agreement May or may not be available Usually guaranteed
Collaboration Supported Not applicable
Data Sharing Supported Not applicable
Compliance and Regulation Adherence is optional Adherence is mandatory
User Management Optional and limited Usually supported

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