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Dhakatutor.com is now available to find private tutors for home tuition across Dhaka. Dhaka tutor provides caring skilled tutors, who work one on one with students to inspire achievement and reach academic goals and offer quality home tuition for students in Dhaka.

 Dhaka tutor offers a wide range of academic subjects tutor. A student might need support with their course. 

 Our tutors teach the following subjects:

 Accounting, Arabic, Bangla, Biology, Chemistry, Civics, Computer Science, Economics, English, Finance, General Math, Geography, Higher Math, History, Islamiat, Islamic Studies, Physics, Sociology, Statistics, Zoology, etc.

 Due to the class range, a student may keep his doubt within himself to avoid any humiliation in front of his classmates. Therefore, a student would be more open towards his tutor than his school teacher.

 Tutor for primary, secondary, or university level students is available here. Dhaka Tutor is an online resource on purpose to help you find private tuition within your local area.

 Here you can get a tutor in subjects of English, Mathematics, Accounting, etc and at all levels from kindergarten to board examinations such as the PSC, JSC, SSC, HSC, etc, or tutoring for university admission examinations. 

 Dhaka tutor is a website designed to help you find a private tutor anywhere in Dhaka. Students choose to use the option of private tuition to help them achieve their full academic potential.

 Use the search above to find available home tutors, and then choose a private tutor from the search results Enjoy quality private tuition either at your home or the tutor's home.

 The most common reasons for choosing a private tutor to give home tuition to their children are:

 1. To get proper training

 2. Student gets an individualized course.

 3. To learn supplementary subjects.

 4. To help the child to expand their abilities rather than in school.

 5. To give their child the one-on-one attention that is just not possible in a busy school environment.

 Home tuition from a private tutor can improve your child's performance in school, improve their confidence, and motivate extra interest in a subject, as children often form a better connection with their home tutor than with a teacher.

 A private tutor can also help to develop both learning skills and the discipline mandatory for the helpful study that can be useful to any other subject.

 Discuss with our private tutors to check if they can meet your requirements.

 Our Home Tutors come to you in the following location Dhaka:

 Adabor, Agargaon, Airport,Ahmed Nagar, Azimpur, Asad Gate,Azimpur, Boro Moghbazar, Dakshinkhan,Cantonment, Darus Salam, Demra, Dhanmondi, Dhamrai, Dhamrai, Dohar, Eskaton, East Rampura, Gabtoli, Gulshan, Hadda, Hazaribagh, Ibrahimpur, Jatrabari, Kafrul,Kamrangir Char, Kawranbazar, Kazipara, Keraniganj,Khilgaon,Khilkhat, Kuril, Lalbagh, Lalmatia, Maticata, Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Monipur, Monipuripara, Niketan, Nikunjo, Paikpara, Paltan, Panthapath, Parer Bagh, Rayer Bazar, Rasul Bag, Sabujbagh, Shahjadpur, Shakertek, Senpara parbata, Tegturipara, Tejkunipara, Shyampur, Taltola, Tejgaon, Turag, Uttara ,Nawabganj, Savar, Shahbag,Vasantek, Zigatola. Information for home tutor

 If you're a home tutor or private tutor you can join Dhaka Tutor for free to publicize the private tuition you offer in Dhaka. 

 This allows you to illustrate your qualifications and private tuition experience and to say where and when you are available for home tutoring. Guardians choose home tutors by reading tutor profiles and then phone them directly. Remember that it's fully free to register with us as a home tutor! 

Our English medium background tutors completed their o level, levels are mainly from Aga Khan School, International School Dhaka (Isd), Scholastica, Mastermind, Oxford International School, Australian International School, Greenherald International, Sunnydale, Maple Leaf International School, Academia, Baf Shaheen English Medium School, Dhanmondi Tutorial, East-West Int School, European Standard School, Green Gems International School, International Turkish Hope School, Manarat Dhaka International College, Seabreeze International School, South Breeze School, Sunbeams, Willes Little Flower School & College, etc.


 They are now studying in the top universities of Bangladesh. Our Bangla medium tutors are mainly studying or completed their undergraduate/graduate from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), University of Dhaka (DU), Medical college, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET), Rajshahi University (RU), Jahangirnagar University (JU), Khulna University (KU), Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET), the Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUT), Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET), Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), University of Chittagong (CU), Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University (SAU), Jagannath University (JnU), North south university, United International University, Brac University, Ahsanullah Science and technology, IUBT, AIUB, ASA, AIUB, DIU, etc.



 We offer experienced female/ male school teachers. Play, KG, STD (I-VIII), Bangla medium, English version male/ female home tutorEdexcel O level male/female teacher for Science, Commerce. Edexcel A level male/female teacher for science, Commerce. Cambridge O level male/female teacher for Science, Commerce. Cambridge a level male/female teachers for Science, Commerce. IELTS, SAT regular coaching, crash coaching. 

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