Importance of complex tissue

Published on 29-Jun-2022

Complex tissue is a type of tissue that consists of more than one type of cell but is involved in the same type of activity. This tissue is also called transport tissue as it is involved in transport. Two types of complex tissue such as  1. Phloem and 2. Xylem.

Complex Tissue

1. The main purpose of this type of tissue is to transport ready-to-eat food from the leaf to other parts of the plant.

2. Give the plant strength and rigidity.

3. If possible, store some food.

4. Phloem parenchyma may help with physiological issues.

5. Many reactions necessitate the presence of water, which flows from the root to the stem through a complex tissue known as xylem.

6. Mineral salts dissolved in water often pass through the xylem tissue and flow upwards.

7. The plant's roots firmly grip the soil as a result of complex tissue.

8. The wood we use to build homes, furniture, fuel, vessels, musical instruments, and other things come from the secondary xylem.

9. Jute fiber is secondary phloem fiber i.e. bust fiber.

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