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Computer Science Interview Questions and Answers

Published on 07-Oct-2022

Tell me about yourself.

It's one of the most common interview questions. It's not just to get a quick rundown of your qualifications and experience. It's a particular facet of your personality.

Sample Answer:

I recently graduated with a degree in computer science from Stamford University Bangladesh. I am excited about the prospect of this position in this company. I have a lot of experience participating in online coding competitions. And I win this competition. I like to contribute to any coding competition.

Which programming language do you prefer? And why?

You notice that this question is no correct answer here. It is a sample only. You may want to research the company to find out its working language. Suppose you don't find this. Don't say a lie. Say what your comfortable language is.

Here is a sample for you:

My preferred programming language is Python because it is easy to learn and easy to understand. Python is widely considered the most straightforward programming language for beginners, and anyone can learn Python quickly to develop their programming language.

What is your greatest strength?

It is also a common question in the interview, and it is essential to frame your answer in the prospective company.

Your answer is something like this:

I am highly motivated, and I can learn very quickly. Finish the work within deadlines. I am also up to date with the newest trends and willing to try my best.

What is your greatest weakness?

It is another common question in interviews. Does your interviewer look at how honest you are? Don't say your weakness.

Your answer is something like this:

My biggest weakness is that I recently graduated and do not have a lot of work experience. But I am a quick learner and highly adaptable. I can learn new things over time. I try to update my work and programming language.

Why are you interested in the company?

It is another common question in an interview. You always say this company is a good thing and your benefit. The interviewer wants to gauge how much you know about this company. Say consistently favorable to the prospective company. Never say I need a job. The pay is good.

An answer like this:

I saw an article about your company. I found out more information about your company from social media. I can see how my ultimate goals comply with the company's objectives.

I'm looking forward to working here.

Do you know what the class is? And sub-class? Describe this.

Java includes classes and subclasses. It is a crucial and frequently asked question. Class and superclass are two commonly used terms that refer to an essential component of programming.

Answer sample:

A class is a template for creating objects and defining their data types and methods.

The primary class properties should be present in all class objects. A superclass is a part of the class and the basis of the class being considered."

What is SDLC?

Another frequently asked question in computer science interviews is this one. The SDLC is based on a waterfall model. It's also a life cycle model with a linear-sequential structure. It's a requirement for a software engineering class.


The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a seven-phase framework that defines the steps involved in software development at each stage. It is a waterfall model.

What is data mining?

Data mining is essential for intelligent marketing. We can find the necessary data, missing values, and outliers with data mining.


The method of discovering patterns in data is known as data mining. The process must be more usually semiautomatic or automatic. 

The discovered patterns must be helpful because they lead to a benefit, which is usually monetary. The data is always present in large quantities.

Do you know how to differentiate between C and C++?

C and C++ are the same code structure programming languages. C and C++ languages have similar syntax.

Answer sample:


i. Functions and data are separated in C.

ii. C language is a procedural programming language.

iii. Inheritance does not support C.

iv. Data not secured.


i. Functions and data are encapsulated in the form of an object in C++.

ii. C++ is an object-oriented programming language.

iii. C++ supports inheritance.

iv. Data secured

Why do you use Linux?

It is the one question that most interviewers ask. Linux is an operating system. One of the most popular platforms on the planet, Android, is powered by the Linux operating system. You can say your knowledge.

Answer sample:

Linux is better than Windows. Linux is the total cost of ownership. Linux is more reliable than Windows. Linux operating system gives us more security. Linux allows complete freedom to install open-source applications in its infinite repository.

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