40 Free Online Courses With Certificate of Completion Sites

Published on 29-Jun-2022

Recently, participating in Free Online Courses With Certificate has become a popular choice because of this pandemic. People are engaging themselves in various free certificate courses around the globe more than before. Current students and other people who have finished studying or doing jobs can take advantage of the online course. Free online courses offer flexibility, affordable tuition, numerous choices, and various academic opportunities, a blessing for distance learners who want to learn eagerly from famous universities. An online degree can help to increase the knowledge and skill of anyone.

Despite being outstanding, they did not allow the student to connect with other students or an online mentor. The best part is that there are several credible websites where you can learn for free online courses.

Digital Marketing Specialization

What will you know?

In this digital world, marketing is crucial to be familiar with. How can you be strategic in marketing? You will learn it from these free online certificate courses. You will know how to evaluate and select the appropriate tools and techniques in the marketing sector. You will be efficient at marketing, pricing, mix product marketing strategies, data collection, analysis, etc. By doing a digital marketing specialization course, you may explore some aspects of this, like, digital marketing, email marketing, 3D printing, marketing analytic, etc. After completing it, you will better understand the digital marketing section.

Course Content & Description:

This course is designed in a series that will help you be skilled at marketing anything. You will need to complete this series successfully. There are seven courses in digital marketing specialization projects. They are-

  • Marketing in a digital world: From this course, you will know how new digital tools are revolutionizing the marketing world.
  • Digital marketing analytics in theory: This course will introduce you to the web analytics science that will help you identify your specific needs.
  • Digital marketing analytics in practice: It will help you understand proper and reliable ways to analyze and collect the data from a website.
  • Digital media and marketing principles: You will be able to communicate strategically with your customer and understand the effects of digital media and information technologies on communication.
  • Digital media and marketing strategies: Your business and marketing goals will be developed and compelling.
  • The digital marketing revolution: You will differentiate the analog and digital tools.
  • Digital marketing capstone: This last course will help you apply the previous lessons you have already learned.

It is one of the most specialization-free online courses offered by Coursera. It is a part of the University of Illinois.

LInk: Digital Marketing Specialization

Social Media Marketing Foundations

What will you learn?

By allowing business social media marketing, you can directly engage with customers. You will learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and the know-how to communicate effectively with your customers or dealers on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc. You will also know how to define your audience and invest in marketing.

Course Content & Description:

Social media marketing is an opportunity to build up long-term loyalty through the short-term merits of your products. This course will help you get social media marketing activities, and finally, after completing this, you will be a better social media marketer. You may reach your customers easily from social media. It will allow you to get customers with educational, promotional messaging, and entertaining. LinkedIn online learning course offers these free online courses. It is an outstanding initiative.

Link: Social Media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization

What will you learn?

Google is one of the most wanted search engines. If you want to rank your website or content on the first page of a search engine, you have to optimize it. You will identify how to analyze your content on a competitive web page from this course. You will also know how to research a range which will get the most shares. It will teach you to develop your approach to successful relationships with your valuable clients. You will be skilled at search algorithms, social media keyword research that you may apply to your carrier in digital marketing, including on-page and off-page optimization.

Course Content & Description:

SEO specialization will be finished within five courses. By completing all these free online certificate courses, you will be an SEO expert, and then you will need to practice more and more. These five courses are-

  • Introduction to Google SEO: You will learn how Google, the most popular search engine, works.
  • Google SEO fundamentals: From this, you will understand search engine algorithms and their effects on organic search engines. You will also learn the essential elements to create an effective SEO strategy.
  • Optimizing a website for Google search: You will learn almost everything about optimizing a website and discover the strategy of setting goals.
  • Advanced content and social tactics to optimize SEO: Content marketing and social media are part of SEO strategy, and you have to know these very clearly.
  • Google SEO capstone project: You will be perfect for managing and customizing any website when you complete all these free certificate courses.

The Davis University of California offers a Coursera free online platform for this specialization course.

Link: https://www.coursera.org/specializations/seo

Introduction to Cybersecurity

What will you learn?

At that moment, cybersecurity is a significant field. So you should know about it. This nano degree program will help you improve the security system and reduce risk. From this course, you will recognize how to evaluate specific security techniques and use them to administer a plan. You will understand the networking and operating systems and their applications. The most important thing is that you will learn how to monitor the security of computer systems and how to assess threats.

Course Content & Description:

Cybersecurity is a nano degree program, and it is an excellent fit for you. Introduction to cybersecurity is comprised of some interesting courses. By subscribing to this program, you will improve your cybersecurity skills. This program will be completed within four months through ten working hours per week.

Udacity gives you this golden opportunity. You can enroll in this program from home and free of cost.

Introductory Photography Course:

What will you learn?

Photography can be a passion. If you want to be a photographer, you can do this course. Cause it is a basic program. From this, you will learn how your camera works and the appropriate technique for setting your camera mode, points, resolution, etc. You will also understand how to change the background, control exposure with exposure compensation, and so on.

Course Content & Description:

Before doing this course, it is essential to have a camera. Skill level is not required. As a beginner, you need to be passionate. This course content is designed to guide you right away from basic to advance. From this, you will learn how to set up a camera and its composition, shutter speed, exposure compensation, ISO, lighting, lenses, histograms, and so much more. All of these are free for you. This course will be suitable for all cameras. It is straightforward to understand.

Coursera is the most popular free online learning platform. It is an excellent opportunity to enrolling this free online course.

Seven Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence:

What will you learn?

It is a science-based teaching method to increase your influence. Without any doubt, you can join this program. From this program, you will learn the charisma of science. It will teach you how to enhance your influence and get the job you want or suitable for you. You will also know how to increase your income and win anything else from this program.

Course Content & Description:

The internal strength of yourself is crucial for doing well in your life. So how can you enrich this strength? It is the main target of this course. Generally, there are many ways to increase your influence, but here you will know about the proven seven scientific steps of improving your power. These are basic steps and an entirely new way to be an extrovert, and it is needed to think about how to interact with people and impact others around you. It will be a science-based approach and must lesson with entertainment. These seven steps are-

  • Turn on yourself.
  • Be emotionally horny.
  • Let's get physical.
  • Once upon a time.
  • Get naked.
  • Favor me?
  • Get contagious.

It is a very informative course, and Udemy provides free certificates on its free online platform for everyone capable of taking it.

Meditation: A Way to Achieve Your Goals 

What will you learn?

Due to unknown to ourselves, we are not satisfied though we are full of love, money, fame, family, pride, etc. According to Eric Fromm, we have two modes of being: "To have," and another is "To be." When you can practice finding the natural mind of your inner self, you will stay in peace. The first step of meditation is self-reflection. If you throw away your inner false thought, you will find the right mind in yourself. Meditation can increase your inner positive potential. You will learn all of these from this course.

Course Content & Description:

A way to achieve your goals is an exciting course, and it will be helpful for everyone who will take it. This course is designed to be step by step so that it is easy to understand. They are-

  • The necessity of self-reflection: It is a meditation methodology for human completion, growth, and happiness.
  • Principle and practice of self-reflection: Practicing self-reflection is a beautiful habit that will help you in your whole life.
  • Copied world and real-world: You should recognize and think of living free from the self and understand why you won't live your way.
  • The methodology of mind cleansing: You have to practice mind cleansing for being happy in your life.
  • The starting point of new life and a peaceful world: If you want to lead a quiet life in the world, you must begin your life with understanding, like, draw your life graph, self-reflection practice regularly, and so much more.

Everyone will enroll in this program who wants to fulfill his goals and wish to be positive, friendly, reliable, etc. This course is offered by KAIST, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, through Coursera.

The Science of Happiness:

What will you learn?

Everyone wants to stay happy, and many plans make you satisfied. But sometimes, you need to be strategic for being happy quickly. The science-based way will be perfect for this work. You will learn science-based techniques from this course and know what happiness means. You will see the form of increased happiness and learn about the key to happiness, like social connections, community, connection, etc.

Course Content & Description:

Positive thinking is critical to being happy. If you want to have a happy and meaningful life, you must be science-based. This course is planned with the science of positive psychology that will help you explore happiness's roots. It will be a practical lesson from science. The science of happiness course will give their students practical strategies for nurturing their joy. 

It is a top-level free online course on edx. Anyone can take this free course interested in science-based meaningful life with happiness.

Understanding Classroom Interaction:

What will you learn?

Students will learn almost all practice methods required to analyze interaction in a classroom from this course. You can also learn about the developing tools that will help you build up more effective and equitable classroom communication. You will gather some idea of question types and their effects.

Course Content & Description:

This course will be taken within five weeks. Every lesson introduces you to fundamental techniques and concepts of the classroom. First-class will be taken at the introduction to the basic terminology used to focus your observation of classroom talk. As in the first class, the second class will be taken at question types and talking patterns. In the same way, you can complete your course.


Betsy R. Rymes is an instructor of this course and is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He guides the prominent students, and his lesson is also attractive.

IELTS Band Seven Preparation Speaking Course:

What will you learn?

This course will provide you with guidelines for learning and understanding a successful strategy on IELTS speaking. You will learn the speaking part very confidently for the actual IELTS exam.

Course Content & Description:

Before doing this course, you need to know the intermediate level of English, academic vocabulary. You also need to have a basic understanding of sentence formation. You can get the exact instruction for doing well in your exam. By taking this course, you will gather the strategy and knowledge of IELTS.


Keino Campbell is an instructor of this significant course. He is TOFEL iBT and IELTS specialist. Almost 273 k students have taken this course under his instruction.

Meet Your Brain: A Short Introduction to Neuroscience

What will you learn?

The brain is one of the essential organs of the human body. In medical science, man is still alive until his brain is not dead. So, as a conscious person, you should have the basic knowledge of the human body and its behavior. You will discover the brain mechanism and understand the brain's responsibility for several things, such as how to control your emotions and decisions, connect with your motivations, and much more. All these things you will learn from this course. You will also know how to recognize obsessive behavior and control it.

Course Content & Description:

It is an outstanding and brilliant introduction to neuroscience. A keen interest in human behavior is the right choice to learn something new about the brain. This course is informative and an excellent intro to the neuro-cognitive behavioral approach. It is a high-quality course that will teach you about the different brain structures. 

Anyone can enroll in this course as it is a free personal development program on udemy.

Python for Everybody Specialization:

What will you learn?

From this course, you will learn programming fundamentals by using the python language. You will gather the basic programming concepts, for example, program interfaces, data structure, and so on. You will know how to use the latest technologies for creating python applications.

Course Content & Description:

It is one of the free online courses in this technology-dependent period. To be an expert in this course, you should first know the basics and learn about advanced-level classes. If you are new, you will do this introductory course on the fundamentals of the programming language of python. Use of tools to store, retrieve and calculate data will be your course of this program.


An instructor will be provided from Coursera. And it will be free of cost course. This course will start for the beginner, and almost eight months will complete the program.

Several courses are required, but these five are the top-rated online free courses. It will be helpful for you to an experienced and good at these courses. You have to be concerned about learning, and there is no chance to miss it if you want to get a certificate.

Human Reproduction:

What will you learn?

Human reproduction is a cycle that depends on both male and female reproductive systems. From the human reproduction course, you will know the structure and function of both reproductive systems. You will understand the reproduction process and some common reproductive disorders. What is IVF? Usually, In-vitro Fertilization is called IVF. You will know about it in detail from this course.

Course Content & Description:

Though reproduction is one of the essential processes in nature for all animals and humans, it is still misunderstood by most people. Puberty, menopause, fertility, contraception all are related to human reproduction. During orgasm, what happens? Millions of sperm are released for only one egg; why? As a human being, you should know all these things. This introductory human reproduction course will explain these facts very nicely.

Edx offers this online free course for all. If you are interested, you can easily enroll in this program from your home.

Basics of Web Development & Coding Specialization

Web development course is one of the best free online courses of Coursera. This education and training teach you how to develop contextually valid Responsive design and use Js to create dynamic web applications. By completing such a web development course, you'll be able to generate high projects that perform on a smartphone, computer, and vast devices. Across the online system, students can create an excellent online gallery that demonstrates your development as just a webmaster and their understanding of responsive website designing. It'll also involve your capacity to improve and build a web presence that uses resources to make it available to a broad range of users, or those with visual, audio and visual, bodily, and learning disability.

By finishing free online computer courses, you will gain proper web development knowledge about the topics below:

  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Html5
  • Html
  • JavaScript
  • Style Sheets
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CCS)
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Web Accessibility
  • Bootstrap (Front-End Framework)

Link: coursera.org

Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners

Java is a programming language that helps you create software that can be used on multiple platforms. The Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Microsoft Windows Store are just a few examples of platforms that support Java programming. Also known as Android Studio, it was developed in collaboration with Google for use with Google's Android operating system.

The requirement for this course is computer proficiency at the basic level. Gain new skills in Java programming by taking this course. This course does not need any previous programming skills; all that is required is an eagerness to learn how to code.

Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/java-tutorial/

Data Analyst Professional Certificate

With this course, you can acquire the abilities for an entrance data analyst post and place yourself favorably in the growing occupation for data analysts, which is expected to expand by 20% until 2028.
Gain a better understanding of data analysis and acquire practical learning experience to advance the data analyst profession.

You'll learn data manipulation and analytical methods by working with various data sources, project techniques, and data analysis techniques.

This Professional Certificate requires no prior coding or statistics knowledge and is appropriate for students with or without a college degree. To start, you'll need fundamental computer knowledge, middle school math, comfortable dealing with numbers, an eagerness to learn, and a commitment to add qualifications to your resume.

Intro to Cloud Computing

This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of cloud computing, which will prepare you for a job in the field. The first session will cover key topics like cloud computing's benefits, deployment models, and the comparison and contrast between main cloud services. In the following sections, you'll learn how to implement authentication and authorization policies, data files in a Public cloud storage bucket, and run an ec2 instance with automatic deployment via AWS. In the last class, you'll learn about cloud platforms and data management with AWS Elasticache.

Free online business management courses 

Business Foundations Specialization

You'll get key business skills in this field of study, that you may use to transfer to a new job, establish or enhance your personal small business, or apply to business school to further your study. You'll master the essentials of branding, accountancy, management, and economics in core courses.

Skills You Will Get

  • Positioning (Marketing)
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Financial Accounting
  • Accounting
  • Financial Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Decision-Making
  • Change Management
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Discounted Cash Flow

Entrepreneurship Specialization

The creation, development, administration, and managing of new businesses are all covered in this entrepreneurship course.

  • Growth Strategies
  • Exit Strategy
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Discovery-Driven Planning
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Planning
  • Brand Management
  • Choosing Advisors
  • Brand
  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing

Free Online course Provider

Coursera offers free online certification in the following areas:

Data Science, Business, Personal Development, Computer Science, Information Technology, Language Learning, Social Science, Arts and Humanities, Health, Math and Logic, Physical Science and Engineering, Data Science, Business, Personal Development, Computer Science, Information Technology.

Massive open online courses under Data Science 




Course Provider

Machine Learning



Stanford University

Introduction to Statistics



Stanford University

Introduction to Embedded Machine Learning



Edge Impulse

Econometrics: Methods and Applications



Erasmus University Rotterdam

Bayesian Statistics: From Concept to Data Analysis




University of California, Santa Cruz

Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma



University of Amsterdam

Computational Neuroscience



 University of Washington

Top Free Courses under Business 




Course Provider

  Financial Markets



Yale University

Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and skills





University of Michigan

Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand, and Behaviour





London Business School


  Private Equity and Venture Capital



Università Bocconi

Introduction to Negotiation: A Strategic Playboo000 for Becoming a Principled and Persuasive Negotiator





Yale University


  Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies





Università Bocconi


  Principles of Sustainable Finance





Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Strategy of Content Marketing



 University of California, Davis

Organizational Analysis





Stanford University

  Food & Beverage Management





Università Bocconi


40 Free Online Courses Platforms:

2. Udemy


3. Udacity


4. Edx


5. Linkedin Learning


6. SkillShare


7. Alison


8. Khan Academy


9. Open Culture


10. Connections academy


11. Academic earth


12. Stanford


13. Harvard Education


14. Yale Education


15. Code Organisation


16. Unpeople


17. Ted


18. Memrise


19. Lessonpaths


20. Codes


21. The Gymnasium


22. Apple developer


23. Canvas


24. Kadenze.


25. Educator


26. Memrise


27. Freecodecamp


28. Pluralsight


29. Itpro


30. Getlearnable


31. Datacamp




33. Codeavengers


34. Iversity


35. Cbtnuggets


36. Ted Education




38. Creativelive




40. Visionlearning



The possibilities for free courses online have expanded rapidly since the advent of the personal computer in 1981. While some online learning existed before that time, it was mostly limited to large software company training programs or military training programs where men and women were deployed over long distances and required lessons to learn a particular skill. These shots were referred to as computer-mediated instruction (CMI) or computer-assisted instruction (CAI), and they were designed as self-study tutorials in a specific subject or topic. They usually contained a few questions that needed an answer, after which the machine provided instant feedback.

Free Online Government Certifications

The All India Council for Technical Education has introduced an online courses platform. It is termed ELIS- (Enhancement in Learning with Improvement in Skills). It also provides free online courses with certificates via a single site. NPTEL, another platform, has also been offering free online courses for 4 to 12 weeks over an online portal. Higher education, as well as core courses in sciences and humanities, are included.

Best Free Online Courses With Certificate



Machine Learning

Stanford University

The Science of Well-Being

Yale University

Python Data Structures

University of Michigan

Neural Networks and Deep Learning


English for Career Development

University of Pennsylvania

CS50's Introduction to Computer Science

Harvard University

Learning How to Learn

University of California

Financial Markets

Yale University


Free Certification Courses (Stanford University)

Stanford University provides free certification courses in Artificial Intelligence, Arts & Humanities, Business & Management, Computer Science, Science, Education, Energy, Engineering, Environment & Energy, Health & Medicine, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Natural & Social Sciences, Personal Development, and other categories.

• Introduction to Game Development

• Web Programming with Python and JavaScript

• PredictionX: Lost Without Longitude

• CS50: Introduction to Computer Science

• CS50 for Lawyers

• PredictionX: Omens, Oracles & Prophecies

• Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

• Mechanical Ventilation for COVID-19

• Human Anatomy: Musculoskeletal Cases

• Systematic Approaches to Policy Design

• Introduction to American Civics

• Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles

• American Government: Constitutional Foundations

• U.S. Political Institutions

• Pyramids of Giza

• Calculus Applied

Frequently Ask Questions:

What are the best free courses?

Courses in Personal and Professional Growth. Here are ten of our most famous accessible routes in summary. For 2021, here are the five best free online certifications, courses, tutorials, classes, and training

• Financial Markets

• Introduction to Psychology

• The Science of Well-Being

• Machine Learning

• IPM -Introduction to Project Management

• CRS- Conflict Resolution Skills

• CSS-Career Success Specialization

• The Science of Happiness

• The Science of Wellbeing

What can I learn in my free time?

On the Internet, there are many things you can learn for free.

Learn a new language- When you learn a foreign language, the brain is forced to learn new grammar and vocabulary rules. The more you do your brain to gain experience, the more your mind functions together.

Learn to code- You will understand that there are always several solutions to a problem through Coding.

Learn to communicate using sign language.

Understand how to invest in securities.

What are the best short courses?

The following are the eight short courses from which you can choose:

• Beauty courses.

• Bookkeeping.

• Business Studies.

• Child Day Care courses.

• Computer courses.

• Creative Studies.

• Event Management.

• Hospitality and Tourism courses.

What skills should I learn in 2021?

• Blockchain.

• Cloud and distributed computing.

• Analytical reasoning.

• Artificial Intelligence

• UX design.

• Business analysis.

• Affiliate marketing.

What career can I get in 6 months?

Certificate programs that last six months and pay well

• Real Estate Agent.

• Commercial Truck Driver.

• Phlebotomy Tech.

• HVAC Tech.

• Certified Nursing Assistant

• Personal Trainer.

• Emergency Medical Technician

Qualities that graduate recruiters are looking for

1. Integrity

2. Communication.

3. Teamwork and collaboration

4. Negotiation and persuasion.

5. Critical thinking and problem-solving.

6. Leadership.

7. Organization.

8. Professionalism

9. Career management

10. Service Orientation

Top free online courses

• Finding Purpose & Meaning in Life.

• Understanding Medical Research.

• Japanese for Beginners.

• Introduction to Cloud Computing.

• Foundations of Mindfulness.

• Fundamentals of Finance.

• Machine Learning.

What certifications are worth getting?

• Human Resources Certifications

• Project Management Certifications

• Sales Certifications

• Desktop Analyst Certifications

• Network Certifications Salesforce.

10 High-Paying Jobs that Require a Certificate

1. Web Developer.

2. Construction and Building Inspector.

3. Architectural and Civil Drafter.

4. Industrial Engineering Technician.

5. Pipefitter and Plumber.

6. Court Reporter.

7. Heavy Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Mechanic.

8. Sheet Metal Worker.

Which short course is best for a job?

• Product Management Certification Program.

• Business Analytics Certification Program.

• PG Certification in Full Stack Development

• Financial Planner Certificate Course.

• Finance Accounting and Taxation.

Excellent Skills you can learn for online earning.

1). Coding.

2.) Graphic Design.

3.) Content Management Systems

4.) Microsoft Excel.

5.) Search Engine Optimization

6.) Marketing Analytics.

7.) Social Media Marketing.

8.) Copywriting.

What are free online courses most popular?

• AI for Everyone.

• The Science of Well-Being.

• Deep Learning.

• Data Science.

• Social Psychology.

Which software is used for free online courses?

Free learning management system software that is highly valued for online teaching. 

Best free software for online classes

How do I join an online class?

To sign in:

  1. Go to classroom.google.com and press the Sign In button.
  2. Use your Google Account to log in.
  3. Make sure you're logged in with the correct account.
  4. Select Join class at the top of the page.
  5. Select Join after entering your teacher's class code.

How can I improve my online course?

Many online classes need students to attend and participate via videoconferencing at specific times. Online courses usually consist of a combination of video recordings or live lessons and readings and tests that participants may execute at their leisure. Here are some ways to improve free courses online.

1. Grow a personal relationship with your pupils.

2. Inspire the pupils.

3. Assist students in maintaining their concentration.

4. Foster a sense of belonging.

5. Make discussions relevant.

6. Boost student involvement.

7. Address questions of equity.

8. Recognize and assist a struggling student

Here's a look at some advantages of free online courses with a certificate


There is no burden or pressure on students to attend class regularly or be present in the classroom. Anyone who is even working days can take the opportunity to learn by growing professionally. Online programs are designed to make students digest PowerPoint presentations and other media. In other words, a student can learn the lessons according to their flexible time. Some programs also allow degree and certificate seekers to participate in a course immediately. In short, free online courses are flexible enough to fit your flexibility.  


Many of us tend to consider the cost advantages of online classes. The cost of an online course is less than a traditional course, and students can save money by avoiding many fees typical of campus-based education, including lab fees, seminar fees, hostels, etc. Also, they can buy cheaper textbooks in digital versions. The learners also can avoid the cost and save time by eliminating a commute. Moreover, most colleges also allow online learners to apply for institutional aid, such as need-based grants and merit-based scholarships.

More Comfortable Learning Experience

Online learners have the opportunity to choose their comfort zone or environment for themselves. An online learner can study anywhere at any time. They can complete their coursework at home or in a coffee shop or a library as well. They can choose such environment which suits them the most.  

Less intimidating

Online courses allow students to be less intimidating as many students are uncomfortable speaking in public. Students can ask their queries and share their thoughts online easily. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 74 percent of people suffer from speech anxiety. Therefore, online classes tend to nourish better class participation.

Pacing Options

These three terms should learn before engaging themselves in any online course. The first term is asynchronous, which refers to a study that does not hold scheduled meetings, meaning that a student can complete work at his convenient times, but he must still meet assignment deadlines.

The second term is synchronous, which describes the opposite of asynchronous. So, that means the synchronous online courses maintain set meeting times where the professor takes classes in a particular fixed time over Zoom or another video conferencing device.

And the last one is accelerated, which refers to courses that last fewer than 16 weeks. Accelerated courses work best for learners with no external work.

Geographic Flexibility

One of the best advantages of online education is geographic flexibility for students with many duties to balance. Many top colleges of the world provide online degrees meaning that learners do not have to relocate to attend classes or obtain degrees. Thus students can save money and time altogether.

Review lectures instantly

According to University of California psychologist Jonathan Schooler, students lose focus about five times in a 45-minute class session. People cannot concentrate on anything for a long time without losing focus. Hence, it is easier for the online learner to review lectures instantly by rewinding the audio or video and the lecture transcript.   

More focused

Online learners do not have to worry about body language or look when trying to put their ideas and questions out to the class. They can be attentive only to the lecture and concentrate on the points, focusing on their problems.

Online education can refine critical thinking skills. It enhances learners' thinking process to think critically about daily activities. 

Career Advancement

Earning a degree can certainly push the career advancement to any employee who wants a raise or promotion, and it also adds value to the ability of the degree holders. There are a lot of career benefits one can get by obtaining online degrees, whether they are working or not. Moreover, learners can apply their knowledge and skills to their jobs immediately. 

Improved Virtual and Group Communication and Collaboration

Online courses can improve virtual and group communication as many degrees incorporate group projects or teamwork. Thus all the teammates collaborate irrespective of times and place in their convenient times.   


Anybody can participate in free online courses irrespective of nationality. So, the classroom becomes a variation of diversity altogether. Another point is that there is no limitation for the class teachers. For example, an online student can take a Spanish course from a teacher in Spain. Thus students also gain diverse perspectives.

Instructor availability

Another best side of online education is that the instructors or the teachers are always available, unlike traditional education. Students can solve their problems by seeking help from instructors through web-based technologies, making conversing with multiple students more accessible. But informal learning is much harder to interact with the professors as there will be a limitation of their office time.

Better Time Management

For an employee, it is hard to maintain work, family, and school at a time. Online education allows them to manage all three together as there are no set classroom times within an online degree program. Therefore, students can create their schedules.

Technical Skills

Students must learn to conduct online platforms to attend the classes. They need to utilize the online learning materials, get familiar with new tools and software, and troubleshoot common issues. Thus, they gain new skills, including using new software suites, performing in-depth research online, and communicating effectively online in various formats such as discussion boards and teleconferencing. And all these are considered technical skills, which are much needed and required for today's jobs.

These days free online courses with certificates are available and well-suited for learners to flourish their skills and balance their situations. Hence, it is the best choice now.

Advantages of a free online course at a glance

1. Convenience in dressing, traveling, and time and pace adaptability.

2. You won't have to sit through boring classroom lectures.

3. Having the ability to view and rewatch lecture videos as required.

4. Parking and food costs are being reduced.

5. Being on time and finding parking causes less stress.

6. You won't have to worry about other students disrupting your lecture.

7. You do not need to wait for students who work slower.

8. You are not required to work in groups in class.

9. There is less contact with other students due to this.

Other benefits from free online courses

-Free courses can boost your resume's score.  

-Best free online courses are better ways to contact students and teachers.

-Free courses can extend your professional skills.

-By participating in a free online course, you can connect directly to more professionals in your respective areas.

-Everyone is free to learn at his speed.

-Free certificate courses can increase your networking opportunities.

-You can increase concentration capability by free online courses.

-You can develop self-control and accountability through free online courses. 

-Free certificate courses can enhance your fluency.

-It can boost your brain's performance and keep it in good shape.

-Free online courses lessened academic stress

-The convenience of studying from the home

-The ability to learn whichever you desire

Other free certifications on:

-Fundamentals of Digital Marketing  by Google
-Financial Markets by Coursera
-Develop Your Emotional Intelligence -Alison
-Customer Services Course by Oxford Home Study Centre.

Online course providers listed top university teachers for their online courses. Through your hard work, you can achieve your goal. A new approach can make a new career path.

Furthermore, the complexity of the tutorials and the amount or form of computer interaction that could occur were severely restricted. The public's enthusiasm for machine instruction waned rapidly. Most companies and educational institutions couldn't afford the time and resources needed to implement the program, not the technological maturity required. Course creation timelines were estimated to take between 150 and 300 hours to produce for each hour of delivery time. 

After completing free online courses, you will get a printable certificate. This printable certificate would be one of the professional certificates of your career.

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