Sharif  Alam
Sharif Alam    |   Tutor ID :   4537
Ever since Childhood, I have always been fascinated by teaching. Tutoring is one of the best way to convey what you know to others who need it for their academic well being. I have had a total of around 10 students before, and they have all scored an A or A* in the subjects that I taught them, because of which i can say with pride that any student that I teach will score brilliant results and bring academic excellence, only if they focus on every word I say. In cases where the student is not good at concentration, I will break it down to them, and prepare a different routine for them. I have always been a fan of preparing a perfect schedule to meet the demands of proper studying for the exams of my students. Since I have always studied sincerely for my own examinations, I understand how hard it can be for any student to thrive in this environment, but because I can relate the hard work of my students to my own work, I believe I am the perfect solution to their problems. Thank you.

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Sharif Alam
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Tuition Experience
5 years
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Place of Tuition
Paribagh, Dhanmondi, Green Roa
Expected Salary:
10,000 tk
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Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics
Interested Class:
Standard VIII, O Level, A Level
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Exam Title Major Institute Name Result Passing Year
King's College London
O level Maths B, Pure Maths, English, Bangla, Accounting, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Human Biology, Physics South Breeze School 8a's and a B in English. 2009
A level Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics Maple Leaf International School 3A's and B in Physics 2012
B.Sc Pharmacology and Molecular Genetics King's College London 2:1 ( GPA 3.5) 2016

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I am Sharif Alam. Tuition wanted in Paribagh area. I have good knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics. I want to teach Standard VIII, O Level, A Level. My expected salary is 10,000 tk . If you interested please contact me as soon as possible.
I have completed my O level from South Breeze School with result 8a's and a B in English. in 2009 from Maths B, Pure Maths, English, Bangla, Accounting, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Human Biology, Physics background. I have completed my A level from Maple Leaf International School with result 3A's and B in Physics in 2012 from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics background. I have completed my B.Sc from King's College London with result 2:1 ( GPA 3.5) in 2016 from Pharmacology and Molecular Genetics background.