What Are the Top Most Functions of the Golgi Apparatus?

Published on 29-Jun-2022

Flat, circular, or elongated Golgi bodies are all possible. They are normally found near the nucleus. It was discovered in the nerve cells of owl and cat nerve cells by a scientist called Golgi in 1898 AD. After his name, this organelle was given the name Golgi apparatus. Their number is so tiny in plant cells that it isn't always apparent under a microscope.

  • Structure

Tubular, thin vesicle, vacuolar, elongated vessel-like or lamillar bodies make up the Golgi apparatus. They are double-layered membranes that separate the vacuolar space from the rest of the body. The synthesis of lysosome and non-protein substances, the release of certain enzymes, the expelling of cell water, and the attachment of substances to the membrane formed by endoplasmic reticulum are all functions of Golgi bodies.

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