Subordinate Clause or Dependent or Clause

Published on 29-Jun-2022

Subordinate Clause

Read the following passage :

I have a flower garden which is in front of my reading room. When I get time, I work in it. I w: the plants so that they remain fresh. My heart leaps up with joy when flowers bloom. The flow which is colorful increases the beauty of my garden. I have employed a boy whose duty is to t* care of the garden.

The first sentence which is in front of my reading room is a subordinate clause because it dc not give a complete sense despite having a subject and a finite verb is. In order to give a complete sense, it depends on the principal clause I have a garden. Similarly, the other clauses bold are subordinate clauses.

The clause which is dependent on another clause to complete its meaning is called the subordinate clause. It cannot stand as a sentence.

Types of Subordinate Clause

Subordinate clauses are of three kinds :

(1) Noun clause

(2) Adjective clause         

(3) Adverbial clause

Each of these dependent clauses works like a single part of the sentence.

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