Difference between formula and function

Published on 01-Aug-2022

Difference between formula and function



The process used for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division on the basis of digits is called Formula.

Function is a short formation of formula which is included during the preparation of spreadsheet packing program.

Formula is not dependent on function.

Function is formed on the basis of specific formula.

In formula there is detailed description of Mathematical Accounts.

 In function there is short description of mathematical Accounts.

Users can make the formula according to necessity.

Function is kept ready earlier. But function can be made by using macro.

If the formula is fig, it takes much time for typing.

In function it takes less time for typing.

Hard and account works of accounts cannot be done early by formula.

Hard and acute works of accounts can be done easily by function.

There is no classification in formula.

Function has specific classification.

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