Legal System of Bangladesh

Published on 14-Sep-2022

Common law is typically applied in Bangladesh. English common law impacts several fundamental legislation in Bangladesh. It includes the Penal Code, Civil, and Criminal Procedure Codes, Contract Law, and Company Law. Family rules governing marriage, divorce, and inheritance are based on pious scripts and differ between devout societies.

The legal system in Bangladesh is composed, and laws typically take the form of statutes ordered by the council and interpreted by the higher courts. Usually, statutory organizations and official specialists are not allowed to create any laws, but they are permitted to develop bylaws to the extent permitted by the governing body.

Such subordinate legislation is called regulations or controls, and the court can enforce them. The statutes, which are succinct and lay forth fundamental rights and obligations but are explained by the courts in their application and translation because they are based on a common law framework, are nonetheless brief.

In contrast to other industrialized nations, our country is currently dealing with a conflicting issue regarding the viability of holding a free, impartial, and credible race under the current leadership. It denotes a lack of confidence, trust, and reliance between the political parties. A few wells dug in the following tradition are necessary to ensure a stable connection between various political parties.

It is possible to ensure a political-economic situation on the off chance that the current political parties can establish an adequate shared understanding, belief, and regard among them. Constitutional traditions frequently develop from long-standing customs, practices, tendencies, and common courtesy.

Since they respond quickly to societal changes, they are seen as the Structure's moral backbone. The government should be more vigilant in upholding citizens' legal rights in a country like Bangladesh, where people are routinely denied fundamental rights and requirements.


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