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Published on 03-Oct-2022

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. In Japan, Mount Fuji is usually called Fuji-san or Fujiyama. This mountain is situated 100km west of the Yokohama Metropolitan Area in Tokyo, very close to the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is approximately12388 feet in height. Mount Fuji is a volcano that has been asleep for 149 years since its eruption in 1707. Japan is well known for preserving its culture and heritage. Mount Fuji is also considered one of the many historical heritages of Japan that's very famous amongst tourists.

Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park has been exhibiting the mountain to eager visitors since 1936. Mount Fuji is one of Japan's earning sources, with various amusements and luxuries offered on the mountain slopes. There are amusement parks, saunas, lakes, and even botanical gardens around the northern slopes. While on the Southeast slopes, there are grand entertainments like huge golf courts and hot spring resorts for tourists to enjoy their stay.

Mont Blanc 

Mont Blanc, located in the Alps, is the highest peak mountain in all of Europe. Often known as Monte Bianco in Italy, it lies between the French-Italian border and extends through a part of Switzerland. The mountain is 15771 feet tall. It's famously called "the roof of Europe" amongst Europeans as it offers a fantastic view of the best ski place in France, overlooking Chamonix Valley and Aiguilles Rouges mountain ranges.

It's also one of the most attractive places for hikers as they get access to the hiking trails along the breathtaking Alpine Landscapes. Tour du Mont-Blanc is constructed on top of the mountain, which gives a top-notch hiking experience beside resorts and restaurants to accommodate visitors' needs. Mont Blanc is an exceptional place for anyone looking for an exciting getaway with nature and adventure. 


 Matterhorn is one of the other famous mountains in Europe. However, Matterhorn is renowned for a rather different reason than the others. Matterhorn is known to be the most difficult mountain to climb, which has earned its place as a notorious challenge amongst mountain climbers. It's very close to Switzerland with its steep slopes going along the lines. With 4478 meters in height, it gives off the shape of a jagged Switzerland. Matterhorn offers a wide range of tropical resorts in summer, which makes summer the most visited time of the year on these mountains. 


 Annapurna is an astonishing summit in the north-central region of Nepal. Not only does it enhance the geographical beauty of Nepal, but it also gives refugee to ancient religious beliefs of many Nepali people. Annapurna is situated 8091 meters above sea level. Landing at the position of the tenth highest mountain in the world, Annapurna has some of the most dangerous trails. Many courageous hikers take the risk of climbing this mountain each year. Tourism is the second most preferred industry in Nepal after agriculture; with Annapurna, it has become an abundant source of income in the Nepalese economy.

Every year millions of foreigners land in Nepal to admire the spectacular beauty of the mountains. The tourist association in Nepal has introduced the Annapurna Circuit visitation, specially designed for travelers to enjoy a safe journey through the rough valleys. There is local support staff spread all over the mountain range to help anybody who might be interested in trekking.

On top of the mountain, multiple small huts supply food and accommodation service that ultimately provides the visitors with an authentic experience. In recent years due to the huge production of the waste left behind by travelers, the Nepal government has issued new directives through ACAP to keep this historical area as clean as possible. Carrying plastic water bottles has been prohibited to reduce litter left by the trekkers. At the same time, the ACAP was established to supply purified water routes to protect the local communities from any unwanted disease.

Mount Tai 

Mount Tai, short for Mount Taishan, is located in China. This monument is home to China's ancient historical heritage and cultural influence. The mountain slope has a huge staircase ascending with multiple temples and stone tablets. These temples are the physical representation of the religious origin of several beliefs that have been practiced in China for several years. There are also caves with encrypted walls representing Chinese culture's beauty. All in all, Mount Tai is a wonderful place for visitors who are avid learners of history and deeply interested in Chinese culture. Government officers heavily guarded this ancient holy site, offering a safe and sound experience in the Taishan.


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