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Education Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh

Published on 29-Jun-2022

An education consultancy firm is the best option for investing in the future. We are a team of professionals who work with our clients to find the perfect educational path. For more information on what we do or how we can help you reach your goals, contact us today!

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What is an education consultancy firm?

An education consultancy firm is a company that guides students who want to study abroad. They help students find the right program and make sure they are prepared for all the learning challenges in a foreign country. They also help students navigate the application process and provide support throughout the journey. If you're thinking about studying abroad, be sure to contact a student consultancy firm for the advice!

Why would you need an education consultant?

There are many reasons why you need an education consultant. They can help you find the right program for your goals and interests. They also know the application process inside out and can help you submit a robust application. They'll also be there to support you while studying abroad, allowing you to adjust to a new culture and make sure you're getting the most out of your experience. If you're thinking about studying abroad, be sure to contact an education consultancy firm for advice!

Education Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh

An education consultancy firm

-Provides extra support for students struggling to study abroad for higher education.

-Helps to create strategies for teaching specific subjects or topics.

-Can help train school staff on how to assess better and diagnose student learning difficulties.

-Education consultants work with schools and teachers.

-How to better assess and diagnose student learning difficulties.

-Provides extra support for students who are struggling.

The benefits of hiring an education consultant

- Save time and money on finding the right school or college for your child.

- Get expert advice from professionals who have years of experience in the industry.

- Give your child a head start in life with a world-class education.

- Know that you're doing everything you can to give them the best possible future.

- Save time and money on finding the right school for your child.

 - Get expert advice from professionals who have years of experience in the industry.

 - Give your child a head start in life with a world-class education. 

- Know that you're doing everything you can to give them the best possible future. 

Take our consultancy services that will help your career paths.

Education consultants in Bangladesh

Education consultants in Bangladesh are an excellent resource for students studying abroad. They can help you choose the right school to prepare for your exams. They can also provide you with valuable advice on managing your studies and staying on top of your work.

We are a visa consultancy firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We offer various immigration and visa services to people who want to visit or live in Bangladesh.

Our leading service is helping our clients get a Bangladeshi visa. VISA AID is a consultancy firm in Bangladesh that offers you various study-abroad services.

Still, we also help them with other tickets, including Schengen visas, Indian visas, and Australian visas if they need one for travel or residency purposes. The consulting firm gives you the right track for your study abroad. Visit us at the Pantha path office for more information.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs of Bangladesh, many students are pursuing their studies overseas. Furthermore, the number of students seeking a study abroad visa has risen to more than one lakh in recent years. The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand are among the most popular study abroad destinations for Bangladeshi students.

Study abroad agency in Bangladesh

If you're interested in studying abroad, we can help! We offer various services, including visa assistance, accommodation, and English-speaking training.

We'll make the process of studying abroad easy and stress-free for you! VISA AID is one of the best student consultancy firms in Bangladesh.

We have a team of experienced consultants who will help you choose the right program and university. We also offer pre-departure counseling, so you'll be ready for your new adventure! Overseas education consultants like ours team can play a vital role in your study abroad

Our Services

- Visa assistance

- Accommodation

- Speaking training

- Pre-departure counseling

Why Study Abroad?

- To increase new familiarity and learn about other society

- To progress your foreign language skills

- To expand a viable edge in the career marketplace

-Global study is an excellent way for students to learn about different cultures.

-It is also an excellent way for students to gain an understanding of the world that they live in.

-'Study abroad' allows them to experience new things and meet new people.

-Students can also use study abroad programs as a way of meeting their educational goals.

Student visa processing agency in Bangladesh

Many student visa processing agencies in Bangladesh, but few are well-renowned student consultancy firms. Capital Consultant is a highly trusted and well-recognized student visa processing agency in Bangladesh.

They have helped countless students from all over the world obtain their visas and study in some of the best universities in the world. If you are looking Bangladeshi student consultancy firm, VISA AID is the right place. We help international students through our student network.

It is a highly professional and well-organized consultancy agency, and they always put the needs of their clients first. We will guide you through every step of the visa application process. Visa Aid is an excellent choice for students who want to study abroad. Take our study abroad services and create your career paths.

Benefits of studying abroad

-Networking opportunities -Brand ambassadors, you can improve your company's image

-Allows continuous learning -Creates global citizens who are more knowledgeable of other cultures

-Solves the "brain drain" of skilled labor in the home country

-Increases employability of the graduate

-Adds value to a degree from a domestic university

Today's globalized economy has skills that transcendental national borders have become increasingly important. Global study is one way to develop those skills, and there are many benefits. Here are just a few:

-Studying abroad is becoming increasingly popular for a

good reason. It provides opportunities to learn in new and exciting environments, meet people from all over the world, and develop essential skills in a globalized economy.

-No matter what your field of study is, there are

potential opportunities to study abroad. Programs exist in every discipline, so you can find one that fits your needs.

 -If you're not sure if studying abroad is for you, do

some research. Talk to people who have done it before, and ask them about their experiences. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy studying in a foreign country!.

Visa provider in Bangladesh.

There are various visas available to people who want to work in a foreign country. The most common type of visa is the work visa, which allows you to work in a specific country for a set period. There are also student visas and visas for people who want to travel and work simultaneously.

The best way to get a work visa is to have someone sponsor you. You need to apply for a permit from your home country and then apply for a sponsorship from an employer in the region where you want to work. If this doesn't sound like an option, you can also try applying for a "dependent" visa in your home country.

 It means that you will need a tourist or other type of access to enter a foreign country, but once there, you can find a job, and they will sponsor you for the dependent visa.

Undergraduate admissions criteria to study in the United Kingdom 

You must have finished 13 years of school in your own country or the United Kingdom. It includes pre-university degrees such as UK A-levels, Scottish Higher or National Diplomas, etc. 

Don't despair if you have an HND, Foundation Degree, and Diploma of Higher Education; you can study in the UK. 

Required academic and other documents

-Academic transcripts

-Statement of Purpose

-Letters of Recommendations


-Offer Letter

-Scores of English Proficiency Tests IELTS, OIETC, etc.

-Bank statements & Bank Solvency

-Student visa  


English Skill Test Requirement to Study in the UK/USA

To study in the United Kingdom or the United States, you need to university or college acceptance letter. You have to prove your English speaking skill, financial eligibility for tuition fees, and living expenses. This process is known as the "visa" or bursary system. Many universities also require students to submit an academic transcript and evidence of previous academic success.


OIETC stands for Oxford International English Testing Center and is a new exam that has been created by the University of Oxford and testing company ETS. It will be available from September 2016 and is designed to test candidates' communication skills and their use of idioms and expressions. OIETC offers ( ELLT ) English Language Level Test.

ELLT is a new way of providing test information to applicants from all over the world. It is based on a new test format and uses a whole marking scheme that has been developed by a team of academic experts from leading UK universities. In addition, a very close relationship with one of the leading global awarding bodies means that ELLT can provide its users with an internationally recognized certificate.

The exam is considered an international English exam similar to IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge ESOL.

Duolingo English Test

The Duolingo English Test is a software-based test that measures reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to evaluate meaningful communicative proficiency. On a range of 10-160, the exam participant's skill is measured as a comprehensive and integrated score.

After the test, each student is given a score ranging between 10-160. A Duolingo result of 120 or higher indicates excellent. It is similar to grades seven and above on the traditional IELTS, as per the Duolingo IELTS comparison.

Proficiency Level















Medium of instruction

A medium of instruction is a language used to convey information to students. If it is not the official language of a nation or region, it is not considered.

Suppose a student's first language is different from the country's official language. In that case, that language may be utilized as the medium of instruction for part or all of their education.

When more than one teaching language is used in a classroom, bilingual education or multilingual education. When English is used as the medium of teaching for academic subjects in nations where English is not the first language, the phenomenon is referred to as English medium instruction, or EMI, for short.

International English Language Testing System

The IELTS test is an abbreviation for the International English Language Testing System (International English Language Testing System).

It is a test of skill in the English language. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) assesses four aspects of language proficiency: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Developed by the British Council in 1989 as a secure method of standardizing testing for non-native English speakers, it has now been widely used.

It is utilized at more than 9,000 colleges, institutions, and organizations throughout the globe. A little over two million individuals take the IELTS test each year.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam is administered in four languages: English, French, German, and Spanish.

Students who intend to take the English language proficiency test must submit a completed application form, two current passport-sized pictures, and payment of the examination fee. The application form may be picked up at any of the exam locations across the globe, or it can be completed online.

Global immigration consultants

A global immigration consultant can help you with a wide range of services related to moving to a new country. They can help you with everything from finding a job in your new country to getting your visa approved.

An excellent global immigration consultant will help you with all the bureaucratic procedures involved in moving to a new country.


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