Gravimetric Analysis, Applications Of Gravimetric Analysis In Real Life

Published on 24-Sep-2022

What is gravimetric analysis?

Gravimetric analysis is a chemical technique to measure a substance's mass. The method relies on the principle that all substances have a mass and can be measured. In gravimetric analysis, a known mass of the substance is weighed and then transferred to a vessel. The vessel is then heated until the substance is vaporized. The vaporized substance is then collected and weighed. It allows the calculation of the mass of the original sample.

Application of Gravimetric Analysis

1. The solvent extraction-gravity method can quickly determine fat content and compare samples.

2. To determine inorganic anions and cations

3. Determination of SO2, CO2, and iodine

4. To diagnose organic matter by a gravimetric method, such as determining cholesterol in wheat, corn, and barley with salicylate pesticides to make lactose, a drug of milk products.

5. It is used to calibrate other instruments because this technique can quickly provide precise and widely correct data.

6. To determine the nickel content of stainless steel.

7. Mg2+ levels in water and wastewater are determined.

8. A direct volatilization gravimetric analysis is used to assess the inorganic ash content of organic material, such as a polymer.

9. The most familiar use of volatilization gravimetry is to determine the elements in organic materials.

Application of Gravimetric Analysis

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