How can ICT be helpful for building up your career?

Published on 29-Jun-2022

 In the future, not even a day cannot be imagined without ICT. So, to build our own career we have to be conscious enough to develop the skill in ICT. Because in future, without primary skill in the elements of ICT such as computer, internet, E-mail, office software, social communication system, achieving a job will be much difficult. To build a career, the main comporеnts of ICT is a computer and the internet. To build the career any necessary information can be quickly received preserved as necessary, managed, and distributed by using computers and the internet. Due to ICT, the speed of our daily works increased. Through freelancing sites, we get the opportunities to work for the world-famous companies staying in our countries. The students can participate in the class remaining at their homes by online, which is an important factor in building our careers. As a result, our skill is increased and there is less wastage of time and works. That is the role of ICT as much in building our careers. So, to build a skilled career from now the use of ICT is to be increased.

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