Cox's Bazaar: The Longest Sea Beach In The World

Published on 16-Oct-2022

Cox's Bazaar

Cox's Bazaar is a southeast coastal town in Bangladesh. The town is popularly known for its very long, sandy beach. From Sea Beach in the north to Kolatoli Seaside in the south, its front extends. The town is well known for the Aggameda Khyang monastery's traditional transcripts. All of the bronze statues and the antiquated Buddhist writings are kept there. South of the town is the tropical rainforest of Himchari National Park.

The forest has waterfalls and many birds. In the northern portion of the sea, turtles breed on nearby Sonadia Island. Cox's Bazaar is not only famous for its sandy beach. It offers much more tourist attractions and comfort. The town is known for its famously fresh seafood, amazing hospitality, and welcoming people. A few of the tourist attractions are marine drive, kutubdia, Moheshkhali Island, and amazing St. Martin's Island. Mainly Cox's Bazaar is famously known for being the only longest natural sandy beach in the world.

Geography behind Cox's Bazaar

Cox's Bazaar sea beach Stretches a remarkable 75 miles in length.During high tides, most of Cox's Bazaar is 660 feet wide and 1,300 feet wide at low tides. Cox's Bazaar is positioned 150 km south of the divisional headquarters city of Chittagong. Cox's Bazaar town has an area of 6.85 km2. And in the North and East, the town is bounded by the Bakkhali River. The Bay of Bengal lies in the West, and the South of the Jhilwanj Union is located.

Cox's Bazaar is located along a coastline in Bangladesh's southeast. The plain land appears to protrude into the Bay of Bengal when viewed from above. There is a significant expanse of beach and dunes along the shore. The majority of Cox's Bazaar is situated on a floodplain with a lower height than the dunes. As a result, the town is particularly vulnerable to flooding brought on by storms and cyclones. The current sea level in Cox's Bazaar was reached after around 6500 years. After the sea rose to its current level, the coastal plain land developed.

After the sea rose to its current level, the coastal plain land developed. The existing floodplain was once a sediment sink, but over time, the Bakkhali River, rainfall, and smaller streams pouring down from the hills filled it in.

The history behind Cox's Bazaar

The old Cox's Bazaar was well-known by the name Panowa which interprets to "Yellow Flower." The name was soon changed to Palongkee. The modern Cox's Bazaar's title is taken from Captain Hiram Cox. Captain Hiram Cox was an officer of the British East India Company and a Superintendent of the Palongkee outpost. A fish market was established and named after him to appreciate his role in refugee rehabilitation work. Now the whole city of Cox's Bazaar is one of Bangladesh's main tourist spots. 

Famous Food in Cox's Bazaar 

The oceanic town is famous for its fresh seafood and variety of fish. Rupchanda is one of their exclusive delicate sea fish. Cox's Bazaar is the best place to enjoy fresh fried Rupchanda fish. The town is also known for its mountain hens. Mountain chickens and hens are known for their strong meaty texture and fresh taste. The whole island of Cox's Bazaar is famous for different fish bhortas and curry. Shorts are fish paste with varieties of spices and textures. The Chittagong district is proud of its fish bhortas. Another food staple is crabs. Cox's Bazaar is filled with tasty crabs. The town is famous for its variety of dishes with crabs. The town's favorite crab dish is the spicy crab curry with white rice. As a South Asian country town, no dishes are served without plain rice. It strongly believes that plain white rice goes best with strong and spicy fish dishes. The rice compliments the dish and also calms down the spicy taste.  

Activities on Cox's Bazaar

The beach is famous for its new diving team for the sea diving experience for tourists. Speed boat rides are available within specific parameters. Saint Martin's island can be visited with a speed boat ride and paid tour guides for mountain climbing and trekking. Himachal Mountain is one of the popular hills for climbing. The Himchari waterfall is one of the forest's beauties. The beach is open for tourists to sunbathe and play on the shore during visiting hours. 


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