Effects of lack of internet connection to the students

Published on 29-Jun-2022

 In the whole world, the number of internet users is increasing day by day. At present internet has brought an unprecedented opportunity in the field of education. Because, by using the internet the students can collect the important parts of their lessons or necessary information, data, and elements related to the lessons. Through the internet, the students, staying at their homes, can collect different information regarding colleges and universities of several countries of the world. Besides, the students can enter the big libraries of different countries online and within seconds they can get the list and number of copies of those books and they can collect the costly books and study those. At present, there is a facility to participate in different important courses of famous universities of the world through online staying at home. Many educational institutions conduct classes through video conferencing by using the internet. As a result, the students can participate in the class staying at home. So, it is difficult nowadays to study without the internet.

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