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Published on 29-Jun-2022

In this modern era, we are becoming digital. Several online courses are paid for, and some are free. Both of them can play a vital role in buildup your carrier. Many of the systems are free from the world’s top universities, like, Columbia, Stanford, the University of Michigan, Yale, MIT, the University of Toronto, and more. You can enroll in their classes, and after completing homework, you can get a certificate that you can use this experience to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Free online courses can enhance your skill and knowledge and also makes your resume more attractive. The most common MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) platforms are Coursera, Udemy, edX, Udacity, LinkedIn Learning, etc.

Though there are millions and millions of free online courses, we discuss only the top five free online courses in this article. So let’s know about these free online courses that will improve your private or government carrier prospects.

How to Change Your Thinking and become more positive:

What will you learn?

Actually, from this course, you can learn how to shift your perceptions and live the life you deserve. The main objective of it is to motivate you so that you can start a meaningful life.

Course Content & Description:

It is not enough to become more positive, but from this course, you can learn something new that will be helpful for you. A most important requirement is your willingness to change your life from a different perspective. On Udemy, more than 65.5 k students have taken this course. Before 20 years old, anyone needs to hear this. As it is free, for the positive change, anyone can do this course who is open-minded and has common sense.


Wolfgang Riebe is the name of the instructor, and he is a very good man of honesty. About 93 k students have taken almost nine courses under his instruction. He is famous for his different and compelling style and full of tips & tricks. He shares accurate advice and gives examples of his personal experience.


Illustrator CC 2020 for Beginners: Basics & Tricks

What will you learn?

By doing this course, you will be familiar with Adobe illustrator. You will learn about the fundamentals of the program, like, illustrator document creation, basic geometric shapes, Pathfinder panel, shape builder tool, pen tool, etc. You will also come to know how to save a file or Ai file, use clipping tool, opacity masking tool. You will type on the Artboard to create several designs. You will be able to use the stroke and color panels.

Course Content & Description:

Adobe Illustrator CC version is preferable for doing this course online. In the design field, it is a potent and standard application. This course could be a great intro if you are new to know the basics of this program. It will be the best way for you to learn more effectively. You need to have the willingness to learn something new and enjoy this course.


The name of the instructor is Khalil Ibrahim. He is the chief design officer & WordPress expert. Under his guideline, 203 k students have taken this course through eight parts from more than 171 countries.


Essential Human Biology: Cells & Tissues

What will you learn?

Essential human biology: cells & tissues, it's an online free course. Generally, from this course, you will learn about the cells and tissues of your body. You will know the human anatomy and physiology, also understand the function and structure of these cells and tissues of the body. By completing this course, you can prepare yourself to study health science. It will help build up your carrier in health.

Course Content & Description:

Between cells and a complete organ, tissue is at an organizational level. It's a group of cells. A cell is the fundamental molecule of life; it is a membrane-bound smallest unit and of which all living things are composed. You will understand the wonders of your body. It will introduce you to the body's building blocks and the behavior of the disease in health. In biological science, though it is impressive, it is also very complex. From this course, you will gain outstanding knowledge about general structure and function in cells and tissues.

Through EdX online platform, you can gather the methods of learning the anatomy of the human body and will be very clear about this concept.

Child Nutrition and Cooking:

What will you learn?

Nutrition is a significant fact in the formation of the body. It is an essential part for a child than an adult. So you have to know how you can cook any food for a child. You will be skilled at nutrition, food safety, food science, organic food, and so on by doing this course. You will also know how to cook a portion of nutritious food, the right way, the ingredients, etc. 

Course Content & Description:

As eating patterns affect health for whole life, so everyone should maintain a balanced diet from childhood. From your concern, you need to know everything about making a balanced diet for living a healthy life. You should learn the tricks of controlling this, but also must be alert of your child. From this course, every participant will know how to prepare simple but delicious foods for the child. After finishing this course, you can be a good leader or teacher, or parent.

Stanford University offers this platform via Coursera. It is an outstanding initiative, and there is no doubt. You will be benefited from doing this.

Stanford Introduction to Food and Health:

What will you learn?

The contribution of food & nutrition to our health is significant. Food and health are correlated to each other. The condition of health, overweight & obesity, mainly depends on the food. So, you need to know how you can choose healthy foods and make them or eat them. From this course, you will learn almost everything you need to support yourself in leading a healthy life. You will know the difference between processed food and natural food and know the most crucial secret thing of moderation.

Course Content & Description:

This course has been designed to explore innovative strategies to promote eating healthy food. As various diet-related diseases, like, obesity, type-2 diabetes, high pressure, heart attack, etc., are increasing day by day, so we all have to be very careful about eating. Through completing this course, you will gain a complete idea of food & health and will enjoy your life. Learners will be benefited as they will be informed about health, nutrition, food safety, and so on.

This is a very informative and exciting course. Stanford University offers this course, and through Coursera, anyone can enroll in this free course. Their system is straightforward to understand.

The Science of Well-Being:

What will you learn?

Instead of being a good student, it is imperative to be a good human being. Every person should follow this. The science of well-being is a general course. It can help you to enhance your inner happiness. From here, you will learn how you can build yourself more productive and healthy. It will also help you to make a clear concept of being a good habitat person. How can you overcome any danger? You will gain this essential trick after completing this course.

Course Content & Description:

This course is schematic by super informative things. It will give you a way of managing the misconceptions regarding happiness. If you complete this course with research, you will get the appropriate solution of staying happy in your life without any quarrel. A certain willingness is mandatory for being well.

Among the most wanted free online courses, Coursera is famous. It's a 100% free-of-cost program and also has a paid version. If you wish, you can enter the free version. There is a flexible schedule.

Writing in the Sciences:

What will you learn?

Writing is an absolute way to explore anything that you want to say but don't. Though writing in the sciences is another section, it is also vital. From this course, you will learn about the tricks of writing well. At the end of the day, you will be skilled at grammar, writing science, communication, writing pattern, etc. You will also learn the principles of effective writing and how to focus on writing with strong and active verbs.

Course Content & Description:

This course content is designed in a very organized way. It will be helpful for a beginner who starts to write a paper or content or something like that. These contents include the format of a scientific manuscript, grant writing, principles of good writing, ethical issues in scientific publication, etc. This lesson will also focus on writing style, choosing verbs, and making a good sentence quickly. From here, you will learn how to write for general audiences and vary the sentence structure.

Coursera is an incredible platform where you can benefit by completing free online courses from top-level universities like Stanford University. It's a well-organized sector. Writing in Sciences is a fantastic course that can help in extending scientific knowledge across the world.

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