Importance of fungi for living world

Published on 29-Jun-2022

The following are some of the benefits of fungi to the living world:

Medicine: Penicillin, perhaps the most well-known of all antibiotics, is extracted from the penicillium fungus. Antibiotics are produced by a variety of other fungi, and they are now commonly used to treat disease in both humans and animals.

Food: Fungi play a significant role in human nutrition. Many mushrooms are edible, and various varieties are grown for sale all over the world. This is a very small percentage of the total amount of food we consume. It's also used in the processing of a variety of foods and beverages. It consisted of cheeses, beer, wine, bread, and cakes, among other things.

Food spoilage: As fungi grow on food, they develop enzymes that break down the food, causing it to spoil.

Recycling: Fungi and bacteria are responsible for the majority of recycling, which returns dead material to the soil in a usable state. The recycling activities would not be as successful without fungi.

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