What is global warming?

Published on 29-Jun-2022

The earth from a very long period has got warmed up and then eventually cooled time and again. The climates changes when the planets receive less or more sunlight's as there are shifts of orbits. But from the past few years, another force is contributing to the change of climate for Earth. It is been observed that over the last fifty years the global temperature has increased highly.  That force is named as global warming. Global warming is a highly spoken topic in the whole world. Everyone around the world is concerned about global warming and trying their bit to diminish it. The governments are dealing with several preventive measures and awareness programs to make people aware of the high impacts of global warming. Here in this article, a vivid discussion has been made on the whole global warming scenario. Here discussion has been done about the causes effects and preventive measures. People usually get confused with global warming and climatic change. There is a thin line between the two, that aspect has also been clear here

Global warming

Global warming is described as a phenomenon of the change in climate which is caused by the increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere. This leads to the imbalance of the ecosystem and weather for a good period (SolarImpulse, 2020).

Causes of global warming

Global warming is mainly caused by the depletion of the ozone layer that leads due to high air pollutants and an increase in carbon dioxide. Some other greenhouse gases also lead to global warming. Regardless of all these the other cause of global warming are-

  • Deforestation that is cutting of plants is creating an imbalance in nature leading to forest fires or excessive heating.
  • The use of fossil fuels is greatly contributing to global warming. The burning of coal and the oil or gaseous product leads to the various greenhouse gases making the effect more adverse.
  • Waste disposal management methods such as the incineration and the landfills emit toxic products and gases in the atmosphere making it adverse.
  • Mining is a big industry upon which modern life depends, but the extortion of metals and minerals also produces greenhouse gases leading to the depletion of the ozone layer as being said above (SolarImpulse, 2020).
  • Intensive kind of farming, the use of an excessive amount of fertilizers in the field, and the consumption of those by the cattle produce methane when collected as the dung. This also contributes to warming.

What is global warming

Effects of global warming

The effects of global warming are adverse. The scientists every year get along with the several impacts of global warming.

  • The cause of several infectious diseases such as asthma, allergies, and other outbreaks of infection due to an increase in the pollution level.
  • Rising of the sea level and depletion of the glaciers are also an adverse effect of global warming. Along with this the severe drought, flooding of the coastal areas leads to severe harm to humankind
  • The increase in the level of heat causing sudden forest fires is going to harm the flora and fauna.
  • The devastation of habitats like coral reefs and the alpine meadows can drove away many plants and the animal species to extinction.

How to prevent global warming?

Global warming can be prevented with several preventive measures such as-

  • Planting a great number of trees and lowering deforestation can help in preventing global warming.
  • Recycling and responsible consumption are very essential. The use of recycling plastics and clothing is essential for saving nature.
  • Sustainable transportation that is using electrically bounded transport or hydrogen mobility can help in reducing the carbon dioxide in nature. One should try to do carpooling and use of public transport if possible.
  • Renewable energies like solar energy, geothermal energy, wind, and biomass will prevent the atmosphere. People should start and try to make some effort to avoid fossil fuels.
  • Sustainable infrastructure can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide that is being emitted from the air condition, hot water, or lights from the building should be prevented by using low energy manifestation (Nationalgeographic, 2020).

Difference between global warming and climatic change

Global warming is generally the heating of the earth's climate for a longer period of time. Due to human activities, this has got elevated more and more with time. But the climatic change on the other hand is the long-term alteration of the weather patterns in the atmosphere. There is a very thin line between climate change and the global warming scenario (Shaftel, 2020).

United States role in the prevention of global warming

The US has settled for various plans and executed them one after the other. The use of more electrically manufactured vehicles and developing solar panels for electricity are some of the initiatives that have taken by the US. Along with these, the country has settled down some transportation norms to regulate the pollution control aspect (MacMillan, 2016). The US also aims towards replacing traditional automobiles with the introduction of electric automobiles


Discussions about global warming are quite prominent in this paper. A good knowledge has been gained from this about the causative agents or sources of this global warming and what impacts it creates on nature and the environment. So it is the necessity of all the people around the world to come along and save our environment. However, several global warming projects and developmental aspects were taken by the whole world to combat this threat of the 21st century. The solar impulse label has been granted to make some innovative approaches for the global warming problem that meets good standards of profitability and also sustainability. This is one of the expert approaches like this several other approaches are also being developed.


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