Winter Season Essay for Students

Published on 25-Aug-2022

Winter Season

It is astonishing when we can see and feel the beautiful variation in the weather. The slow change that hits our body just as the climate gets cooler during December is probably the most pleasing feeling! And it is undoubtedly loved by most people. The heat of the bright sun gets dimmer, and there's a soft breeze in the air. That is when we welcome winter and get our woollen clothes out.

Slowly, snow covers the trees, roofs of the houses and the roads. It is the perfect time to enjoy snow falling! The surroundings become white and cold. The temperature decreases too much, making it difficult for people to stay without fire and room heaters. Blankets and warmth become a necessity. This season brings apples, fresh grapes, cauliflower, guava and many more fresh fruits and vegetables.

People like us who can afford warmth can enjoy winter to the fullest. But people who don't even get proper shelter and warm clothes die of cold. They meet sicknesses, and this leads to unpleasant life. It is hard for people to survive when the temperature becomes –5 or even less. At that moment, the skies become grey, and the air becomes harshly cold. The days become shorter, and the nights become longer, bringing us the chance to sleep more.

Winter lasts about 3 months. It's the coldest of January. Winter starts to escape at the end of January, and Spring says hello!

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