Features of a standard spreadsheet packages

Published on 11-Aug-2022

A standard spreadsheet package has the following features:

1. Use of Formula: No electronic formula can be used on paper spreadsheet. But in electronic spreadsheet automic formula can be used.

2. Inter relation in worksheet: Inter relation can be maintained with more than one worksheet, as a result change of data in a worksheet, data of other work sheets related to it is also changed.

3. Use of Function: For solving of different types of problems there are functions of more than five hundred. Besides, if necessary, functions can be prepared also.

4. Analysis based on terms: In spreadsheet there are facilities to analyse different data on condition.

5. Use of Macro: Reparation works can be done with macros automatically and there is facility to use macro to correct special command with the assistance of programing language.

6. Graph and chart: Here there are facilities to present different data through graphs and charts.

7. Changes of chart: Instant change of chart is possible after observing the preview of chart.

8. Inter relation within cell: In spread sheet inter 1 relation of cells can be made. In this case if the value of one cell is changed, values of other cells related to this cell is also changed.

9. Change of sizes of cell: Here the length and breadth of the cells can be changed as per wish.

10. Use of Front: As per wish Fronts of any type or any size can be used.

11. Use of picture: Pictures produced here can be used as per wish.

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