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Published on 12-May-2023

Doctor of Philosophy is the acronym for Ph.D. It is a postgraduate degree and the highest academic one, also called a doctorate. It is accessible and available worldwide from many top universities for the students interested in taking this degree. You can complete this prestigious program both offline and online. Due to the development of the ICT department, it is becoming easy day by day to take distance learning. The global community is also increasing because of the advancement in technology. Anyone who wants to pursue their Ph.D. through the online system can do it. It is also distance learning. 

Online Ph.D. Programs

The online Ph.D. program is designed so that it will be constructive for the students. This program is varied from institution to institution. Their requirements are also different. So, if you decide to take an online Ph.D. from any prestigious university, you can. Before doing enrollment, you should know about this program in detail. What is an online Ph.D., how can you take this, why you will do this program online, should you do it, etc. 

Let's try to understand all about these things.

What is Online Ph.D. Program?

The online Ph.D. program is also known as "Research Doctorates." It has a flexible and convenient way to complete this online program. There is no bound to earn this highest degree. You can finish your degree in all fields, whatever you want. In this course, you need to have academic research that will be published. There will have a committee that will focus on your study. In this committee, you will have a supervisor, your course teacher, and you. As a Ph.D. candidate, you must focus on contributing your original work to your research field. 

Difference between a Ph.D. Program and a Doctorate Program:

Though both Ph.D. and Doctorate programs are the highest formal degrees in their field, there is a slight difference between them. The doctorate program is known as "Practice Doctorate," whereas the Ph.D. program is known as "Research Doctorate." If the Ph.D. program is based on data analysis and original research, then the Doctorate program is focused on applying research to practical problems.

Most Popular Online Ph.D. Programs:

There are several types of online Ph.D. programs around the world. For example-

  • Health.
  • Human Resources.
  • Education.
  • Educational Leadership.
  • Nursing Education.
  • Nurse Practitioner.
  • Psychology.
  • Organizational Leadership.
  • Public Administration.
  • Public Health, etc.

Among these types of Ph.D. degrees, there are some most popular programs. 


Doctor of Philosophy in Education-Special Education: 

  • This program focuses on special education that makes you potential to do something new. You can pursue this at Northcentral University. Its total credits required 72. Some other requirements are-
  • Official transcript of graduation.
  • An application with research goals.
  • Recommendation letter.
  • Representative samples of scholarly writings, APA preferable.
  • A professional resume.
  • A score on (GRE).

Ed.S. in Teaching and Learning

 Ed.S. means Education Specialist. It is a post masters' education degree. EdS in teaching and learning makes you skilled in the teaching-learning system. From Grand Canyon University, you can complete this program through an online platform. It develops your knowledge.

  • 30 credits.
  • 8 weeks class.
  • Official graduation transcript.
  • GRE score.
  • Recommendation letter.
  • Resume.
  • Cost 5675$.

Doctor of Nursing Practice: 

It is a master's degree in nursing. By completing this online program, you can perform at the highest level of nursing in the institution where you work. You will be a registered nurse with a master's degree in nursing. Purdue University Global provides you with online enrollment to complete this program efficiently from your home. 

  • 1.5 years of full-time study.
  • Course length 10 weeks.
  • 15-18 hours per week.
  • 48-57 credits.
  • Cost per credit 700$.
  • Resume.
  • Recommendation letter.
  • GRE score.

Ph.D., Leadership-Organizational Leadership:

  •  This specialization course makes you more knowledgeable and innovative through leadership practices. You can complete this program at Concordia University Chicago. Here are some requirements-
  • Minimum Master's degree.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Resume/CV.
  • Reference letter.
  • Official college transcript.
  • Easy writing sample.
  • Cost 7255$ in total.

Online Doctor of Health Professions Education: 

Online Doctor of Health Professions Education degree is needed for those people who are nurses, nutritionists, and dentists. This course will give you a secured job career. You can take this course from Logan University. 

  • Must have a master's degree.
  • Official transcript.
  • CGPA of 3 out of 4.
  • Research project.
  • Updated CV or resume.
  • It costs 725$ per credit hour.

Doctor of Education-Curriculum and Instruction: 

  • It is a 100% online program that will develop your existing knowledge in administration, curriculum, and others. It will help you to be more skilled. You can complete this program from Liberty University Online. 

  • 54 credit hours.
  • 3 years duration.
  • 8 weeks courses.
  • Official transcript.
  • Resume/CV.
  • Master degree.
  • Recommendation letter.

How long is Online Ph.D. Program?

Time depends on the program. This online program has two slots. One is part-time, and another is full-time. It varies from organization to organization. Some universities take 3 to 6 years to complete the online Ph.D. Program. Another takes 1 to 1.5 years to achieve this degree. If you want to enroll in this program after finishing your bachelor's degree, it takes time, while others come here after your Master's. So, time depends on both the institution and you.

Why Complete Your Ph.D. Program Online?

Achieving degrees are prestigious to anyone, and there is no doubt whether it is offline or online. There can have some reasons to take your online Ph.D. program. They are-

  • You don't want to disrupt your current job or career.
  • Maybe you do not like to live too far from your family.
  • Want to minimize your time.
  • You are seeking work-life balance.
  • It can have some other restrictions.

How to Choose the Best Online PhD Program

There are many opportunities to complete your online Ph.D. program. Though choosing the right program from these several programs is challenging, you should select a course that likes to research. The online program does not offer you their residence benefit but provides an easy way to complete your course. Before choosing any Ph.D. course, you need to keep in mind some things like,

  • Online Program: Which program will you choose, be sure about it. Fix your target; it will help you to select your Ph.D. Course.
  • Website Check: Search several university's websites. Check their review. It will help to decide on the institution. Try to know their faculty, professors, and courses.
  • Read and Ask: Try to read their descriptions thoroughly. As you will be their distance learner, you need to check their tech service. So you can ask their admission office to know some information if you have any quarry.
  • About Credits: You should know their credit system. Is there any credit transferring system or not. How many credits will it take to finish your online degree?
  • Program Length: Program length is one of the essential information that you must know before enrolling in any program. 
  • Cost: Cost is another crucial part of your program. Is it in your budget or not? Be sure about it. 

How does Online Ph.D. Program Work?

As it is distance learning, an internet connection is a must. It works through a digital platform such as lectures, classes, assignments, and notice boards, and all are functioned by a digital device. The instructor gives lessons through Google Meet or Zoom Apps in live video. Here students or learners can discuss any topic that is unclear to them with their mentors through messenger or WhatsApp for 24 hours 7 days. Online Ph.D. students can also interact with their teachers through email or any chat room system. Students can participate in the class through their digital devices like smart-phone, laptops, desktops, tablets, or MacBooks. It is one kind of simulation of a traditional classroom. Some potential features of an accredited Ph.D. online program that one should know. They are-

  • Software that connects student-teacher and student-student.
  • Access the university's digital libraries and publications.
  • Online discussion forums.
  • Residency and any conferences.
  • Services, like tech support, tutoring and career services, etc.

Guideline to Complete Your Ph.D. Online Program:

It is challenging to complete a Ph.D. degree. You have to be very worthy and need to hard work. If you have a complete guideline, it will be comparatively easy. So let's try to understand the following procedure-

  • Designed Way: You should go ahead in an organized way that will work for completing your degree. You should follow sequential steps, like see where you are, what's on, etc.
  • Meet Targets: No excuse; always try to fill up the weekly targets. Based on your to-do list, your program will go fast. 
  • Update: You should be updated about any recent news or your research topic. Receive any reminders to your mentors. Never mind about it. 
  • Access Resources: You should confirm digital service access. If you face any problem, you need support, so find the right person at the exact time. 
  • Faculty Connection: Stay in connection with your faculty member. It is vital to be connected with them. When you need advice from your chair, you can take it easy.

Benefits of Taking Online Ph.D. Program:

At present, online learning is becoming more popular day by day. There are many benefits of taking a Ph.D. online course. These are listed below-

  • It is flexible.
  • Increase your learning quality.
  • You can pursue whatever you want, no matter where are you from?
  • Has a wide range of careers.
  • Less competition in the job sector.
  • More salary.
  • Increase your status in society.
  • Offer excellent job security.
  • Provide a prestigious career.
  • Achieve the right to use the title "Doctor."
  • People take the person seriously who uses this "Doctor" title.
  • General people take their advice seriously and trust them more.

Should You Enroll Online Ph.D. Program?

Why not? Of course, you should enroll. You can take it easily online if you do not have enough time to take a traditional offline Ph.D. degree. There is no binding. But you must be careful about selecting your subject and also your university. You have to choose this program whatever you want to research and feel in interest. So, without any hesitation, you can freely take an online Ph.D. Program.


Attaining any exalted degree is more pleasurable. Gaining a Ph.D. degree is not out of these either it is offline or online. If you decide to take this degree online, please enroll quickly without passing the time. Before pursuing this course, kindly try to understand Online Ph.D. Program thoroughly. To learn something new, please read this article attentively. Best of luck!!!

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