Options and commands available in Word-2007

Published on 29-Jun-2022

In word-2007 the options or commands in the Office button are given below:

  • New: This is to be clicked to open new document.
  • Open: This is to be clicked to open any document preserved earlier.
  • Save: This is to be clicked to save the document
  • Save as: This to be clicked to save some documents in different names. Through this any can be kept unchanged and can be reserved and new name works can be done.
  • Close: Any opened document can be closed by clicking here.
  • Spelling error can be marked and rectified.
  • Grammatical mistakes can be specified.
  • In the Tables, accounts, writing in different front and styles & types can be made.
  • Very easily web pages works can be done.
  • In different sizes of paper, permanent copy, draft copy can be preserved and if necessary the copies of reserved copies can be made.

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