What procedures are needed when nothing is viewed on the monitor although the system running?

Published on 29-Jun-2022

 When nothing is viewed on the monitor although the system is running, the user is suggested of following the procedures mentioned below:

• Turn off the system and unplug the power cable from the main system;

• Remove the RAM from the slots;

•  Clean up the connectors of the RAM rubbing with an eraser; • To clean up the slot of the RAM with a hard brush;

• Turn on the computer without installing the RAM, and notice whether you get any beep sound;

• Turn off the computer, and again turn on after installing the RAM, if there is a beep sound.

• If there is any beep sound, it is to understand that the RAM is faulty;

• Install a new RAM if there is no display yet:

• Install the RAM, and check again, Faulty RAM is the reason for at least half of the display problems.

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