What is computer virus?

Published on 05-Aug-2022

Computer Virus

A virus is a type of software that targets data and information and has the ability to multiply. When a virus infects a machine, it grows in number and assaults the data stored there, eventually rendering the computer unusable after infecting the entire system. For example, a booting virus targets the hard disk's booting field. Some of the most well-known viruses include Stone, Vienna, CIH, Folder, Trojan horse, and others. If a virus infects an ICT device, the number of infected devices grows over time.

When a virus-infected file is loaded into a virus-free computer or ICT system via a CD, pendrive, or other device, the virus takes up residence in the memory, where it remains even after the file has been closed.

In this process, a virus-free machine or ICT system becomes infected. Whenever a virus-infected code or piece of software is run, same process goes. As a result of taking up residence in the memory, the virus targets other files and programs. Some viruses infect all active files and programs right away, while others infect only new programs or files.

As a result, the virus deletes files and corrupts programs, causing significant computer harm. In this way, a virus-free computer becomes infected over time, and the virus can transfer to other computers through CDs burned on the infected computer, hard drives, and the Internet.

Popular antivirus programs

• Kaspersky

• McAfee Antivirus

•Norton Antivirus

• Microsoft Antivirus


• PC-Cillin


• Avast

• Dr. Solomon's Toolkit

• IBM Anti Virus

Symptoms of Computer Virus Infection

Ans. The sympotoms applying to VIRUS infestation are mentioned below:

• Opening a file and programme takes longer than the usual time;

• Showing short amount of space, so speed has been slowed down;

• Showing unexpected messages incompatible with the works while running the computer.

• Installation of a programme takes longer than the usual time;

• The running files take more space ;

• The machine shuts down during booting or working time;

• The names of the folders are replaced with cryptic names.

You can prevent this virus by using computer antivirus. Visit following page for more details.

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