Prospects of Biotechnology

Published on 14-Oct-2022

The different prospects of Biotechnology

Many problems worldwide can easily be solved through different biotechnology processes. There is huge development potential in the following areas: medical and health care, agriculture, industry, and environment. 

Below are some of the potential areas and uses of biotechnology:

  1. Gene therapy & RNAi: The application of gene therapy in treating hereditary diseases, cancer, and some complex infectious diseases is increasing daily. In this case, the gene responsible for causing the disease is replaced by the corrected gene. Viruses, RNA, and zinc finger proteins are used as carriers of these genes in this biotechnology process. 
  2. Micro RNA: Cancer, virus infection, diagnosis and treatment of this disease, and the use of RNA may be a special application in biotechnology. It also helps in inhibiting the action of all the disease-causing genes during the process. 
  3. Stem cell biotechnology is expected to make transplanting lost organs, making cells of any organ, testing new drugs, etc., easier than before by creating stem cells.
  4. Genome scanning technology quickly obtains information about any organism's genome. It will be possible to know about them in a shorter period of time when required. 
  5. Nanotechnology: By using nanotechnology to produce biomass on demand, it will be possible to provide health care and food security to people. 
  6. GM Microorganisms: It will be possible and easy to prevent environmental pollution by using genetically modified microorganisms. 
  7. Biotechnology reduces farmers' dependence on pesticides and helps them use new technologies. In the near future, it will also be possible to produce less polluting paper and chemicals through biotechnology.



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