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Published on 29-Jun-2022

Common Noun

A common noun is a name given to all things and persons. 

Common Noun Examples

Long, long ago, in the country of Persia, there lived a man. He was a priest. His name was Nasruddin and he was very clever. One day Nasruddin went to his neighbor's house. His neighbor was a woman named Fatima. Nasiruddin entered her garden. He asked, "May I borrow a ladder?" "Of course," said Fatima.

In the above passage the words man, priest, house, and woman are common nouns because a common noun is a name given to all things and persons. Here man, priest, house, and woman are the names common to things or persons.

Note: Common nouns are sometimes used as proper nouns.

 Common Noun

Proper noun


Man (name of all persons) Girl (name of all girls) City (name of all cities) River (name of all rivers)


Rahim, Karim (name of particular persons) Runa, Luna, Rupa (name of particular girls) Dhaka, London, Makkah (name of particular cities) Padma, Meghna (name of particular rivers)



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