What are the different types of digital content available?

Published on 29-Jun-2022

 Any information, picture, sound or video published through a digital system is known as digital content. Generally, digital contents are of four types : Text: Still now the quantity of written information is much in a digital system. All written information, such as articles, blog posts, descriptions and lists of commodities or services, valuation, E-Book, Newspapers, white papers, etc. are included in the text. Pictures: All kinds of pictures, such as photos, hand-drawn pictures, decorations, cartoons, infographics, animated pictures, etc. are included in the picture. Video and animation: Videos captured with mobile phones or cameras are included in it. Due to U-tube or such kinds of video sharing sites, the number of video content on the internet is increasing day by day. Sound or audio: Sound or all contents in the shape of audio are included in this class. Audio file of any subject is audio content along with this, broadcast transmitted on the internet and webinars are also included in audio content.

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