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Published on 29-Jun-2022

Subject of a sentence

The word or collection of words that we speak about in a sentence is called the subject. The subject is the 'doer' of the action.

Note: (i) No sentence can be made without a subject. In the case of the imperative sentence, the subject remains implied.

Example: Open the doors.

(ii) The subject of a sentence usually comes before the predicate. But sometimes the predicate comes before the subject.

Examples: Here comes the bus.

Sweet are the uses of adversity.

(iii) The subject consists of a single word or a group of words.

Rajib takes exercises every day. (Rajib - single word)

The color of his eyes is blue, (group of words)

Forms of the subject.

Noun: Sum! Sings a song.

Noun equivalent: She is drawing a picture.

Gerund: Walking is a good exercise.

Infinitive: To tell a lie is a sin.

Clause: That he is honest is known to all.

Phrase: How to solve the problem is difficult.

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