DNA Forensics : History, Definition and Application

Published on 11-Oct-2022

DNA Forensics 

DNA forensics is very important as they are helpful for many things, like identifying a person, identifying a culprit of any incident, identifying a dead person, or even the biological parent of a child. This has solved many crucial incidents, cases, and accidents.

In Genome sequencing

The process of genome sequencing is done by collecting a piece of evidence from the victim or crime scene in criminal identification. After that, the suspect list is followed by genome sequencing, and the real culprit is the one whose genome sequencing matches the sequence taken from the clue. DNA sequencing methods are used to identify unidentified or murdered persons. At this moment in Bangladesh, the identity of a dead, unidentified person can be confirmed by the process of DNA sequencing.

The determination of paternity: Many times, complications arise regarding the paternity of the child. In this case, genome sequencing of the claimed paternity is combined with genome sequencing of the child. The person whose genome the child's genome sequencing matches will be the child's biological father. Even if it is very tough to know who the biological father is, it can still be found through this process.

Kinship determination: Genome sequencing of unidentified laborers in the Savar Rana Plaza tragedy that occurred a few years back. The body was handed over after genome sequencing matched his claimed relatives, and they compensated the dead laborer's family members with a huge amount of money for their loss.

The genome sequencing process revealed that archaebacteria are completely distinct from bacteria and other phyla, as more than half of the 1738 genes differ from all other phyla. So Archaebacteria have been made a separate domain. 

In determining the similarity of features in the classification process: The base sequence of rRNA of archaebacteria Bacteria matched with So Archaebacteria and Bacteria are closest. 

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