Neuroglia : Functions and Characteristics of Neuroglia

Published on 07-Sep-2022


First, the term 'glia' means the connective tissue of the nervous system (that contains a lot of cells), and the word 'Neuroglia' is just another term for glia. The neuroglia is responsible for the betterment, development, and metabolic support of the neurons in the nervous system. 

Functions of the neuroglia:

  • Develops the neurons
  • Provides metabolic support 
  • Makes a neuron even better
  • It also maintains the internal homeostatic reactions of the body
  • It maintains the immune surveillance in the nervous system for us to survive
  • It supports the nerve cells' structures that are very soft.
  • It is responsible for the formation of the blood-brain barrier.
  • They release ions and also absorb them when required.

Characteristics of neuroglia

  • Neuroglia is found in both invertebrates and vertebrates. 
  • Neuroglia does not form synapses in general. 
  • Neuroglia is just a different term for glia (a connective tissue containing many cells.)
  • It contains a lot of important functions and completes the nervous system, along with the neurons. 

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