Satire : Satire Definition and Examples

Published on 14-Sep-2022


Satire is popularly known for being an art form of mocking political issues. There are mainly two types of satires, direct and indirect. The author appeals straight to the audience for direct satire, while for indirect satire, the use of mockery and sarcasm is felt by the story's narrative. Humor, irony, and exaggeration are the most frequently used literary devices under the umbrella of satire. Satire is used primarily for ridiculing the shortcomings of others by dramatically highlighting others' foolishness. It could be delivered both through writing or theatrical acting. In modern days satire is referred to as the use of hyperbole.

Example: Shrek. This sensational animation is entirely a satirical film. It mocks many fairy tales with several pop culture references and questions the realism of illustrations.

Example: Political cartoons like 'Simpsons' or television broadcasts like 'Saturday Night Live (US)' are physical representations of satire.  

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