10 Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Published on 21-Nov-2023

The most visited places in Bangladesh

Lalbagh Fort

Lalbagh Fort is one of the historical landmarks in Dhaka. It is situated in the old city of Dhaka. The fort is named after its neighborhood town, Lalbagh. The Lalbagh Fort in English is translated as the Red Garden Fort. The fort is known for its red appearance and its construction. During the Mughal period, the color red was famous for construction and architecture. 

Lalbagh Fort

Novo Theatre

The Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre is one of the popular spots in Dhaka. Novo Theatre is a planetarium located in Bijoy Sarani, New Dhaka. It provides a virtual experience of space and anti-gravity. The theater is one of the favorite places for children to learn more about the galaxy. 


Sundarban is one of the forests in South Asia. It covers a huge part of Bangladesh. From Khulna district through the West Bengal side of India. Three main rivers in Bangladesh connect the mangrove forest. Sundarban in English translates to "beautiful forest". It is home to Bengal tigers, otters, deer, and river dolphins.  

Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan Manzil is a palace in Dhaka. The old palace is now a public museum displaying arts and old customs. Ahsan Manzil was the official palace for the Nawab of Dhaka during the Mughal period. The Ahsan Palace is one of the most important architectural monuments of Bangladesh. The palace took about 12 years to be built and was constructed by a European company.

Jatiya Sangshad Bhaban

 The national parliament is a government office in Dhaka. The building is one of the holiday tourist spots for its architectural beauty. The government was reconstructed in a modern architectural style. The Parliament office is located in the Sher-e-Bangla Nagar of New Dhaka. 

National Parliament House

Bangladesh National Museum

The national museum of Bangladesh is the biggest in Bangladesh. The museum is well organized and shows different old creations of many genres, from science to art. The National Museum holds some expensive and precious fossils for public display. Some of the old computer versions are displayed in the museum. It is a famous spot for school trips and learning sources.

Bangladesh National Zoo

The Dhaka Zoo changed its name to Bangladesh National Zoo. It is located in the Mirpur section of New Dhaka. The zoo is the biggest one in Bangladesh. Every year, about 3 million visitors come for the animals. The zoo displays countless animals for public display. 

National Zoo

Cox's Bazaar Beach

Cox's Bazaar sea beach is one of the most popular destinations in Bangladesh. The sea beach is known to be the longest sea beach in the world. The Chittagong district gets millions of visitors from around the world. The spot is famous for fresh food, hospitality and a warm beach.




Dhakeshwari Temple

It is a Hindi temple in Bangladesh. The Dhakeshwari temple is known to be the national temple of Bangladesh. The name 'Dhakeshwari' in English translates to the goddess of Dhaka. The Dhakeshwari temple is considered one of the cultural heritages of Bangladesh. It is also one of the oldest temples, built in the 12th century. 

Baitul Mukarram national Masjid

It is the National Mosque of Bangladesh. The mosque is located at the center of Dhaka. The construction was completed in 1968. In English, the mosque's name, 'Baitul Mukarram,' translates to The Holy House. The architecture of the mosque represents the Ka'abah at Mecca. The mosque is large enough to hold more than 40 thousand people for salat or prayers. 

Tanguar Haor

Tanguar Haor is one of the most visited places in Bangladesh. It is located in Sunamganj, Sylhet. You can enjoy the best spot by using a houseboat. It is a very stunning place. There are many tourist spots, like Niladri Lake, Jadukata River, Shimul Bagan etc in Sunamganj. 

Tanguar Haor

Barikka Tila 

Barikka Tila

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