What is Neurotransmitters? Seven major neurotransmitters

Published on 08-Sep-2022


 They are chemical messengers in the form of chemicals which are present inside our bodies. Our body can't work without it at all. Neurotransmitters carry the chemical signals or messages in our body from one neuron to the next target cell. The next target cell can be a nerve cell, a muscle cell, or even a gland. 

The seven different neurotransmitters are:

1. Acetylcholine- plays an important role in the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. It is very important for controlling our body muscles and autonomic body functions. It also helps in learning, studying, memorizing, recalling, etc. 

2. Dopamine: It is a hormone and also a neurotransmitter that helps in movement, functions of the body, motivation in work, etc. 

3. Gamma-aminobutyric acid, also known as GABA: Is present in our brain that slows down your brain by blocking specific signals in your central nervous system for certain situations.

 4. Glutamate: It is also present in our brain and the central nervous system, which is responsible for our brain to work and functioning properly in certain situations.

5. Histamine: It is a chemical that is created in our body. It is released by white blood cells directly into the bloodstream when it finds the immune system is defending against a potential allergen. This release can also result in an allergic reaction from food that may trigger allergy problems such as pollen, mold, and certain foods. It can also be severe at times. 

6. Norepinephrine- this neurotransmitter Increases alertness, arousal, and attention in an organism. It constricts blood vessels by narrowing them, which helps maintain the blood pressure of someone when taking too much stress due to any problematic situation. It also affects an organism's sleep-wake cycle, moods, and memory.

7. Serotonin- plays a key role in many body functions such as an organism's mood, sleep, waking up cycle, emotions, feelings, digestion, diet, nausea, wound healing, injuries, bone health, blood clotting, and sexual desire. The seven have different roles that are all very important for our bodies. 


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