Difference Between Transgenic And Cloned Animals

Published on 09-Oct-2022

The difference between transgenic and cloned (non-transgenic) animals

The matter of difference

Transgenic animals

Cloned animals

1. The entry process

In the case of transgenic animals, the introduction of genes or DNA from outside into the sperm or egg or zygote is done.

Cloning involves removing the nucleus of an unfertilized egg and inserting the nucleus of another animal's body cell (of the animal to be cloned) into the unfertilized egg. 

2. Genetic differences

To introduce genes or DNA from outside

Genetic differences arise.

Genetic differences do not occur because the nuclear genes of two animals do not combine.

3. Disclosure of features

A combination of special features occurs.

No special features are revealed.

4. Genomic differences

Genomic differences arise.

The genomic structure is exactly the same.

5. Mutation or variation

Mutations occur.

Mutation or variation does not occur in this.

6. External features

Differences occur in external manifestations.

The external manifestation is exactly the same.

7. Use the process works

Sperm, egg or single-celled zygote is used.

Only the egg shells are used.




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