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Published on 17-Sep-2022

Squire Root Calculator

Calculating square root

A number produces a particular number when multiplied by itself. 7 x7 =49. We say 7 is a square root of 49.

The easiest way to calculate a square root is by using a calculator. What is the formula to calculate the square root of a random number? There is a formula to express the square root of a number. The formula is √y = y½  

If a random number has an exponent of ½, then a square root is needed to be found for that random number.

In the past, there was no calculator. Teachers and students had to find the square root by themselves. It was their only option.

There are multiple methods to find the square root of a number by hand.

Method 1 uses prime factorization. In this method, numbers must be divided into perfect square factors. A number factor is any set of numbers that multiply to make a number.

Example:  √36 = √(4*9)=√4 * √9 = 2*3= 6

Square Root Calculator


Another method is to reduce the numbers into smaller terms if they do not factor properly.


Squire Root


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