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Published on 28-Sep-2022


Mothers are the most important part of our society; often considered Super-Heroes, they are responsible for bringing life to the World. 

The occasion of Mother's day is somewhat sacred in comparison to other holidays. Mother's day is a special holiday to celebrate motherhood, accompanied by the hardships and sacrifices that mothers take upon themselves for the well-being of their children. On the second Sunday of every May, around the 14th of May, this holiday is celebrated all over the World. Even though this custom was originally initiated by western society, namely the USA, today, this beautiful day of appreciation is observed everywhere for all mothers. 


If we go further back, then the first celebration of mothers would date back to a century. The first gathering of a day to honor mothers was first commenced back on the 12th of May, 1907. Anna Jarvis, the daughter of Anna Reeves Jarvis, organized a gathering for a committee of mothers in honor of her mother died in 1905. She organized the event to let the mothers attend one day off from their daily routine and sit down to appreciate the lovely phenomenon of motherhood. These women were treated as noble guests who gathered together to cherish each other and promote an understanding of 'being a women' amongst themselves. 

Returning to the 21st Century, with a raging concern for 'equality' and 'equal rights, the beauty of motherhood is seen in a rather controversial light. In this predominantly men-dominated society, women desire the same privileges as men, including employment. However, statistically speaking, women face more unemployment issues than men in many fields. Even though women are thought to be no less than a man these days, the issue of consistency remains as women are expected to leave their careers behind upon childbirth. Some women employees even get paid less than their male counterparts in the same job and position. This has caused a massive disruption in wages, where bachelor men live their life on the high end while bachelorette women in the same work criteria have difficulty making ends meet. All these factors put 'motherhood' at risk as most women tend to be afraid of ditching their careers to raise a child. Unfortunately, with the progression of time, being a mother is becoming an unwanted responsibility rather than a joyous necessity. 

It needs to be noted that raising a child is not just a mother's responsibility but also a father's equal duty. To truly appreciate and respect mothers, fathers shouldn't neglect cleaning after their children. They must take care and give affection to their child as much as a working mother would after a hard day of labor. This way, young women could be assured of the blessing that motherhood carries, and on the other hand, Mothers would be cherished and acknowledged by real means.



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