The revolutionary war

Published on 10-Oct-2022

The revolutionary war

 The American Revolutionary War lasted from April 19, 1775, to September 3, 1783. The war is also known as the Revolutionary War or the American War of Independence. It secured American independence from Great Britain. The fighting of both parties began on April 19, 1775, and after just a year, the Lee Resolution took place on July 2, 1776.

The Declaration of Independence was announced on the 4th of July, 1776. The American Soldiers were supported by the Kingdom of France Army and a few of the Spanish Empire soldiers. The official conflict took place in three different locations, North America, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic Ocean. The revolutionary war is what shaped the United States as a country. After the Revolution, the foundation of democracy was released. They are liberty, representation, freedom, and independence.

The conflicts between the British Empire and the American States began a few years ago. The conflicts were affecting the trades and lives of general civilians. While the members of Congress had a meeting for both parties and negotiated for another peace treaty, the war broke out. On April 18, 1775, British Soldiers marched in an American Concord and tried to steal all the arms and weapons from the camp.

The two sides fought at the Concord of Lexicon, and it was the first formal war of the Revolution. The British took over Georgia in 1779 and South Carolina in 1780. The rulers of America were changed, and so was the plan. The American soldiers pushed the British army into Yorktown. Washing and his troop came from the opposite direction and trapped the British soldiers. British soon withdrew from the war and surrendered. The British signed the treaty of Paris in 1783 and recognized America as an Independent country.  

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