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Published on 29-Sep-2022

Concrete noun

The name of an object that can be touched, heard, smelt, or tested is a concrete noun. 

Concrete nouns are those that we experience through one of the five senses or an experience. They can be identified through sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch. Some examples are an apple, a television, or a dog. Concrete nouns are usually used with the five senses and are frequently found in lists. Concrete nouns can be places, things, actions, or events.

There are four types of concrete nouns.

(i) Proper noun 

(ii) Common noun 

(iii) Collective noun 

(iv) Material noun

Concrete noun


Proper Noun

Proper nouns can be distinguished from common nouns in three ways: capitalization, use of the definite article, and pronunciation. For example, in English, a proper noun always begins with a capital letter (except when followed by a preposition), while a common noun does not.




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