Kidney Transplant | How long does a kidney transplant last?

Published on 04-Sep-2022

Kidney Transplant

In simple words, a kidney transplant is a process by which a kidney from a person can be attached to another person for survival. A person can survive with one kidney, but kidney transplantation must be done if both kidneys stop working. A few factors must be checked before any kidney transplantation process, such as tissue rejection (in which the tissues of both the patient and the donor must match, or else the kidney cannot be transplanted) and blood group matching. Most importantly, the donor must be willing to donate. 

A successful kidney transplant can let people survive for a long time healthily. But it is crucial to abide by the diet and medications of the patient.

Side effects of kidney transplant:

  • There is a risk of infection due to the tubes and machines used for the procedure.
  • The patient's blood pressure might get high for the transportation of blood.
  • The weight may increase 
  • Hair loss or growth of extra hair on the body
  • The gums may get swollen
  • The patient may get diabetes
  • Abdominal pain or belly ache
  • Diarrhea or other medical diseases due to the procedures done.
  • Too much pain in different parts of the body.


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