What safety precautions can social networking site users take?

Published on 29-Jun-2022

The following safety precautions should be observed by users of social networking sites:

1.Before they can build a relationship with someone, they need to have details.

2.They must not befriend someone who does not deserve their friendship.

3.They must be certain of the identity of those who are staying abroad before forming virtual friendships with them.

4.Viewing their profile and seeing if they know any of their acquaintances is crucial to developing this type of relationship.

5.Not posting any personal photos on Facebook.

6.Logging off after each use of Facebook or email.

7.Signing off after using the Internet in a school or cyber cafe.

8.Be careful when using a friend's or acquaintance's laptop or computer.

9.Do not click any Facebook application from an unknown source unless they are certain it is secure.

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