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Parts of Speech

Published on 29-Jun-2022

Parts of Speech

According to the purpose for which words are used, they are classified into various categories. The different kinds of words are called Parts of Speech. They are eight in number :

1. Noun 2. Pronoun 3. Verb 4. Adjective 5. Adverb 6. Preposition 7. Conjunction 8. Interjection.

Parts of Speech


2. Pronoun

3. Verb






The following sentence shows the use of different parts of speech:-


Asad is the name of a person. So, Asad is a noun.

He sits instead of Asad. So, he is a pronoun.

Got expresses an action. So, got is a verb.

First tells about the degree of the prize. So, first is an adjective.

Instantly tells the time of acting. So, instantly is an adverb.

To show the relation between noun his father and verb got. So, to is a preposition.

And connects the two sentences. So, and is a conjunction.

Hurrah expresses the emotional state of mind. So hurrah is an interjection.


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