How to overcome internet addiction disorder?

Published on 29-Jun-2022

Internet Addiction Disorder can affect people of all ages. While it is not as bad as opioid abuse, it also causes damage to addicts in a variety of ways. He or she may be a student, a working person, a businessperson, or even a housewife. The addict is unable to focus on what he or she should be doing and becomes irresistibly addicted to whatever it is to which he or she has succumbed — whether it is video games or anything else. It affects his or her brain cells, resulting in insomnia, memory loss, irregular heartbeat, vision impairment, palpitation, and other health problems.

How to overcome IAD ?

When it comes to getting rid of it, the first step is awareness;the awakening of conscience. Family and friends must assist the addict in realizing that he or she must break away from the unpredictable lifestyle.

IAD can be greatly supported by a variety of recreational events, such as games and sports. Visiting friends, reading books of various interests, and engaging in imaginative extracurricular activities may all be beneficial in this regard.

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