Importance of ICT in our daily life

Published on 29-Jun-2022

 At present, because of the multifaced uses of ICT in the whole world, it is not possible to avoid ICT in both the cases of joining any organization as a worker or forming an institution of one's own accord. Because in the future it will be very difficult to get employment if one does not have primary skills in the components of ICT such as computers, the internet, E-mail, office software, social communication, etc. Nowadays the education system has become dependent mainly on ICT because, by using computers and the internet, the students can collect the important parts of their lessons and necessary information, elements related to the subjects, etc. Through the internet, the students, staying at their homes, can collect different information about colleges and universities of different countries of the world. Besides, the students can enter the big libraries of different countries of the world and can collect and read valuable books. Nowadays there are facilities to participate in different courses of renowned universities of the world staying at home on-line. Students can participate in class through video conferences without attending the classroom. Due to the use of ICT, the whole world is in hand grips. The use of ICT has been tremendously increased in the field of trade and commerce, communication, employment, treatment, research, etc. Evidently, in the future, even a day can not be imagined without ICT.

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