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Published on 29-Jun-2022

Internet is considered as a global system of interrelated computer networks. The standard internet protocol which is also known as transmission control protocol is also employed to serve almost billions of customers all over the world. Internet is a network that comprises millions of public, business, private, and academic networks. These networks are connected through a wide array of wireless, optical, and electronic networking technologies. The Internet primarily transmits a wide range of information services and tools, such as interconnected hypertext documents and email infrastructure. The Internet has completely changed the way people communicate and use computers. The Internet is also a good example of long-term investment in data technology research and development.The figure below are shown on a billion scale.

What is internet?

Network terminologies

Intranet: it is considered a group of networks that mainly employs Internet Protocol along with tools based on IP like file transfer and web browser applications. It is under the administration of a single managerial entity. The intranet is a core network for any corporation.

Extranet: it is a network of computing that is mainly used externally to an intranet. An extranet is considered to be a computer network that enables controlled contact from outside either for educational or business purposes. In the context of business-to-business communication, the extranet could be identified as an expansion of intranet to the users or agents that are outside the corporation. Some of the external users were identified as suppliers, business partners.

Wide area network:

WAN is said to be a computer network that encloses a significant geographical area for example metropolitan, nation, or even transnational distance. It is controlled by the use of a communications channel that incorporates various types of media such as wires, telephone lines, and airwaves.

Local area network: 

LAN is a type of network that links the devices and computers within a confined geographical location for example computer laboratory, school, home, or office buildings.

Enterprise private network: It is a form of network created by a company to connect with other company locations such as headquarters, manufacturing sites, shops, and remote offices. The main aim is to distribute computer resources. 

Virtual private network: it is another type of computer network which forms an encrypted, safe connection. This network is used for public internet, which is considered a less protected network (Waweru, 2020).

Influence of the internet on the users

internet is an intercontinental network that links millions of users. Almost 190 nations were able to exchange news, opinions, and data through the help of the internet. The present era of technological advancement has a significant requirement of the internet. It has a significant influence on the standards of living for several users. The era of less access has been transformed to complete access. The Internet is an innovation of science that possesses two different sides which are benefits and drawbacks.The figures below are on a billion-to-one scale.

Top Visited Website

The advantages of the internet begin with the use of Google, which allows users to access almost any type of information. An individual can get access to pictures, data, and news almost of the whole world. It has provided significant advantages to many students by providing them with study materials. The Internet can be also stated as the source of information regarding any subject. The students could also be able to get direct access to the leading teacher’s lecturers through the help of the internet. On the other hand, the professor is also able to deliver his/ her lecture on the platform of the video conference. The Internet also plays the most important role in exchanging and integrating diverse cultures present in different parts of the world. The government uses this platform to promote their respective nation’s culture.

Social networking is another biggest success on the internet. Through the help of social networking platforms, the whole world has to turn out to be a big family. Different social networking platforms assist users to find their companions. This platform is said to be one of the most suitable platforms to keep in touch with different individuals. Some of the different social networking sites were identified as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yahoo. Almost one billion users use Facebook and are usually to interact with friends, family, and to share various things with them. LinkedIn is a platform that is mainly used for building business networking (GCF, 2015).


Internet user by continent

Online payments are easily made through the use of the internet from portable devices like cell phones. An individual can pay their electricity expenses, phone expenses, and online shopping. Transferring funds from one individual to another is also very accessible. Millions of employment opportunities have been created which is increasing eliminating the issue of unemployment. With huge benefits, internet services also come with drawbacks. Hacking is said to be one of the significant issues that everyone in the world is experiencing. It has created a sense of self-doubt among the users of the internet. Due to this issue online transfer of money has been risky. Some of the other illicit acts which occur due to the internet are smishing, phishing, and vishing.

The social networking site is being used by some secular forces which tend to promote hatred among the people for other castes and religions. In addition to this, the terrorist groups were also using these platforms to divert youth from ordinary life and involving them in militant activities. Pornography is also been encouraged in this media platform. It led to a rising significant degree of wrongdoings against women in society.


The particular topic mainly discusses the various concepts which are directly linked with internet services. Some of the concepts which are summarized are LAN, WAN, Intranet, Extranet, Virtual private network, and Enterprise private network. The article also reveals the impact of the internet on the lives of people using it. It can be stated that innovation leads to some positive aspects as well as negative aspects. But people should focus more on positive aspects and try to avoid wrongdoings or misusing innovation technology.


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