Advantages and Disadvantages of Antivirus Software.

Published on 09-Oct-2022

Advantages and Disadvantages of Antivirus Software:

There are advantages and disadvantages to installing security software. Not only this software but also everything has its two sides. Now, let's discuss both of them.

Advantages of Antivirus or Anti Malware : 

Some advantages are given below-

1. Protection of Real-time

AVG antivirus acts as a personal security guard. It protects your laptop, computer, or android phone.

2. Web Protection

When using the internet, your web can come to various threats. It can be attacked by several viruses that can hack your credit card or bank account details. Antivirus can protect your computer from web hacking.

3. Virus Protection

Having an antivirus is one of the best advantages for your computer. It works against the virus. The virus can destroy your important files and degrade the general system performance. But if you have antivirus, you can get rid of this problem.

4. Cost-Effective

Though some antivirus is free of charge, there are many premium versions. You need to pay to use the premium antivirus. You can purchase these for a monthly or yearly system. Their functions of them are almost identical. A paid version is comparatively inexpensive than other accessories of the computer.

5. Protection from Spyware

 Spyware can steal your confidential information, like I'd, password, personal picture, financial data, etc. Antivirus can protect your computer from this spyware.

6. Malware Protection

AVG or McAfee antivirus can scan your computer to identify malware files. Before installing it, you should select a good antivirus that can detect new malware files and protect your device.

7. Protection from Spam

Some emails and ads come to your dashboard without interest. These are called spam. It can slow your computer. By using antivirus, you can block these spam emails or ads.

8. Firewall Feature

Firewall feature included with antivirus apps. It acts as a first-line defender. It ensures your PC protection in two ways: the information sent or received will be double-checked. 

Antivirus software advantage and disadvantage

Disadvantages of Antivirus:

Before installing any antivirus software on your device, it is vital to understand its disadvantages. From this perspective, here are listed some disadvantages of antivirus, for example-

1. Limited Detection Techniques

 Though many antivirus programs exist, no one has more than one technique. It is essential to have this quality for identifying a potential threat. It also sometimes gives you a false scanning report.

2. No Customer Support

 There's no customer service for you if you don't purchase a premium version of antivirus. It is another demerit of the antivirus.

3. No Complete Protection

 You will use free or paid antivirus software. If you use a free version, you can't get any guarantee for the protection of your computer. Specific antivirus can work for a particular virus that is not adequate for your PC, laptop, or smartphone. 

4. System Slowdown

As it needs hard disc space to install and run antivirus software, the antivirus can affect the performance of your computer. The overall speed of your device also can be affected by this. 

5. Complicated Customer Support

 Generally, there is no customer support for the free antivirus software user. If you are a paying customer, rarely can you get their approval. Most of the time, reaching them is tough when you have a problem. And it's very crucial to solve. It's very complicated to contact the service center.

6. Security Holes

 Security holes exist inside the operating system or the networking software that can produce an option for the virus to bypass the antivirus software. It can't be effective if you don't take any action to keep it updated.

7. No Absolute Protection

 Despite having a subscription to antivirus, no guarantee to get the protection for your device.

8. Lots of Advertisements

 It is so disgusting to come to frequent ads when seeing anything. This problem will be faced when you use a free version of antivirus.

9. Regular Updates Need

 To update any software regularly is very difficult. Sometimes it can be a hassle to update the apps.

Additional information

• Since this program occupies a certain space of the RAM, the computer loses its speed to some extent;

• In some cases, it suspects even a sound file to be virus-infested and obstructs loading or changing that file.


Antivirus Program.


Types of Antivirus Software:

Numerous varieties of antivirus are offered in the market, depending on consumer need. These are used in PC, laptops, android phones, macOS, etc. It can be used without pay or with pay. Some best antivirus software are listed below-

  • AVAST.
  • AVG.
  • Avira.
  • Bitdefender.
  • Comodo.
  • Kaspersky.
  • Panda Dome.
  • Virus Total.
  • Webroot.
  • Adaware.
  • Emsisoft Anti Malware.

Information about Computer Virus

Computer virus is harmful to computer systems. A virus is a familiar term, but it is a computer program that cannot be executed without permeating another program.

The worm is also a computer program that can be executed without the help of any other program. It also changes registrar keys and confidential files. Hackers usually use it to gain administrative privileges for a system. Such as - Mimada worm, code read worm.

Viruses and worms can be automatically stored, transmitted, and spread. This program contains instructions that delete essential files on the computer system or cause discomfort and embarrassment to the computer user. Viruses often delete essential files on computer systems or corrupt computer disks. The user suffers a lot. Renowned researcher Fred Cohen called this harmful computer program a virus.

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Thank you for sharing about advantages and disadvantages of antivirus software. I did not want to buy a antivirus software from online but by reading about your article on the topic of advantages and disadvantages, I have gain a positive information about antivirus software. I think benefits of antivirus are more than its drawbacks. Thank you man!
You share amazing article about advantages and disadvantages of antivirus software. I did not think much about antivirus software. By reading your article I can understand that we should use antivirus software to fight against malware.
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